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To fund research, gain licences and produce products that help skin conditions

by Skin care in Allerton, England, United Kingdom

Even though i dont suffer from any skin conditions, my partner and 2 sons have extreme cases of eczema. They have tried almost everything available on the market and still no closer to finding something that helps never mind a cure.

With the research i have already done im wanting to make and try some natural oils and soaps that helps rebuild and fix skin irritations and problems.

Soap is a big one. In the 10 years my partner and i have been together we have not come across one soap that doesnt cause a reaction to the skin.

I have done alot of research on this subject over the years but never had the funds to get the ball rolling.

My aim is to create a whole range of products that can be used and also help people with bad skin conditions and bring people the knowledge to help them maintain and manage there conditions especially in children.

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