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SkillsMastery is an online grammar and writing course for children between 10 - 14, enabling children to see grammar in a literary context.

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A cost-effective solution for schools to improve grammar and writing skills of students in KS2 and KS3.

The problem:

  • 17% of all children in the UK did not reach the expected level for writing
  • 24% of all children in the UK did not reach the expected level for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • The gap widens at GCSE with 66% of children achieving a grade C at English Language last year, of these children only 58% were boys.

What does that mean? Well it means right now, there are up to 140,345 children, 62% of whom are boys, who are unable to express their ideas in writing in year 7. Now multiply that by two years. 15 years. 10 years? Think about the amount of children who have not reached and will not reach their full potential because they could not express themselves in writing. They are behind. 

The effect of the problem:

Being behind affects your self-esteem and your motivation. Not being able to express yourself in writing can be extremely frustrating. It can influence everything from behaviour to grades. It can affect children's life chances.

A solution:

While there are excellent products for intervention and support with reading, there is little out there to support writing and grammar at KS2 and KS3. During research, conducted by Stephanie Holt throughout her Masters in Education, she knew that teaching grammar explicitly, but rooted in literature so children can see it working, is one of the best ways to improve writing and improve confidence in writing.

SkillsMastery is a cloud-based online service, which schools can buy to help their children in the classroom and at home. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a tablet, children can be online practising their grammar and writing skills.

Each child starts on the basic level and works up ensuring that they master the grammar and writing skills at each level, filling in any gaps or overcoming any misconceptions, before being able to move on to the higher level.  The computer based approach, which boys in particular really like, seems to be able to allow longer concentration. This approach allows children to work independently at their own pace and reach their own level. Feedback is instant so children understand where they have made mistakes and how to make improvements.

What SkillsMastery is looking for:

The literacy side of the website is up and running.

  • I am looking for investment to develop marketing so that schools get to hear about the product.
  • I am looking for investment to develop gamification of the site
  • I am looking for investment to develop the content of the website further to include numeracy skills and financial knowledge skills for children, as the Skills in SkillsMastery will expand to include numeracy for this age group.

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