Free skills training for those made redundant

by Richard Curtis in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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The pandemic will cause millions to lose their jobs. We would like to offer them free online courses to help them get employment.

by Richard Curtis in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

By reaching our second goal, we will be able to add qualifications to help people gain employment in the sectors that so desperately need them.

Update 18th May - Wow, we have achieved our target, thank you! Crowdfunder asks us to now set a larger target, which we have said will be for providing formal qualifications for those unemployed, such as a qualification in Employability and Professional Development. These are obviously costs that we don't control, so be assured any further donations will be used towards this purpose. We have applied for match funding to help with this before the close of the fundraiser on Wednesday.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown have devastated industries, such as retail, theatre and arts, travel, tourism and entertainment. Thousands have lost their livelihoods or are facing an uncertain future and millions are predicted to be made unemployed.

We want to take people who are unemployed or lost their jobs and offer them free training to get them back into employment. Working with PeoplePlus on their partnerships with employers, such as Hovis, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons, we will use this funding to provide access to 300 courses for those made redundant. 

This is where we need your help to assist with helping us to provide free online employability and skills training to help people get back into employment.

We are also applying for funding to support this campaign and help in local areas, such as the Solent region or Winchester, helping us to make sure we are supporting local communities to survive and recover from the loss of their livelihood. This not only helps support local communities, but also allows us to apply for match funding, to increase the power of your donation.

Here's where your money would go

If we raise our target, we'll be able to provide training to over 300 people.

Because we believe in transparency, here's what it will cost us to get there:

  • Website hosting and domain £500 
  • Website software £1,000 
  • Website building staff cost £1,665 
  • Course development staff cost £1,665 
  • Marketing (social media ads to target areas) £1,500

Our story

We are a small team who have provided mental health training for the last five years. With the current pandemic we feel there is a need more than ever for our services and we don't really want to have to close the door, but it's a possibility. By doing your bit and helping those who have lost their jobs then you are also helping us not to lose ours! Thank you

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Let's make 'Free skills training for those made redundant' happen

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