Art Supplies Subscription Box

by Sketch and Story in London, England, United Kingdom

Art Supplies Subscription Box
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Sketch and Story aims to bring you lush watercolors and gorgeous art supplies to fuel your creativity.

by Sketch and Story in London, England, United Kingdom

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Who is the Sketch and Story box for?

If you get SUPER excited at the thought of art supplies and are always impatient to start swatching the minute you get new creative tools, you'll love Sketch and Story! A selection of high quality art supplies and stationery, all personally tested by yours truly, curated to work beautifully together and to inspire the creative soul in you.  

What's in a Sketch and Story box?

Although the theme for each Sketch and Story will be revealed beforehand, you will not know the exact contents of each box until you open it for yourself. It's like getting a surprise gift from yourself!

Just to give you a general idea, each Sketch and Story box will typically contain these items:

Handmade or quality brand watercolors

Each Sketch and Story box will always feature watercolours - these will be either artisan handmade paints or quality commercial brand watercolours. All watercolours will be carefully tested beforehand so you will be getting rich, gorgeous colours that we would want for ourselves!

Lovely art supplies 

You will also be getting a lovely selection of art supplies to get creative with. These could be brush pens, fineliners, pencils, or some other cool creative tools for you to doodle to your heart's content. 

Stationery treat

There will be one stationery treat in each box, just as a little extra! This could be a roll of pretty washi, a cute binder clip, or stickers to brighten up your art journal. 

Featured Maker

Every box will feature an indie maker, as part of my mission to increase the appreciation and support for art in this world. This would usually be a paintmaker, or it could be a stationery designer, illustrator or stamp maker - you might discover a unique craft you never knew about! Enjoy your art supplies in the knowledge that you will be supporting small businesses and fellow artists through your own pursuit of creativity.

Artist postcard

In addition to the art supplies, you will also get a print or postcard from an artist or illustrator. Use it as a bookmark, or send it as happy mail to your friends, or simply keep it for when you need some inspiration!

What rewards can I choose from?

The Founder's Box (Early Bird):

You will get the first Sketch and Story box at a one-time only Early Bird Offer! Thank you so much for believing in my project and being one of my very first supporters.

The Founder's Box:

For this pledge, you will get the very first Sketch and Story box delivered to your door. Try a box, and if it doesn't quite sing to you, you can always cancel your subscription - no cancellation fees or hidden charges!

Artist Gifts:

If you want to treat yourself to an extra bit of happy mail, pick an Artist Gift to go with your first box! I am collaborating with some talented local artists to offer you a choice of rewards - perfect as a gift for a creative friend, or as an add-on to your first box.

Proceeds from these Artist Gifts will go towards covering the price of the products, postage costs, and start-up costs for Sketch and Story.

It's In My DNA Pin by Tasha Smith: A cute paintbrush and pencil are entwined in a DNA twist, made out of hard enamel. Perfect gift for a creative friend who has art in their soul, or as a little treat to yourself!

Tasha Smith is a 23 year old illustrator currently based in Edinburgh. Using bright colours and bold puns, she captures your imagination at first glance with her clever designs. When she is not busy spinning creative ideas into reality, she likes to hang out with her hedgehog Mr Staples.

Spring Planner Clips by Bet Collyer: A set of three spring planner clips to go with our spring-themed Founder's Box (second picture from left). Gift this to a friend who needs some sunshine in their life right now, or use them to hold happy pages in your art journal.

Bet Collyer is the designer and artistic soul behind Creative Stationery UK. Her collection of more than 700 designs will make any art journal or planner lover dance with glee! She works magic with felt and embroidery, and each piece is handmade in Bet's little home studio. She constantly gets the urge to make sparkly things that she doesn't have time to list for sale - I'm sure all the creatives here can relate!


If we do not hit our target, you will get a FULL REFUND from Crowdfunder. So pledge today and help me bring Sketch and Story to life!


How much will a Sketch and Story box cost? Each Sketch and Story box will be £25. Once the project is successful, we will explore the option of offering pre-pay gift subscriptions. 

How much does shipping cost? Delivery within the UK is FREE! International subscribers will be charged a small fee of £3.95 to cover shipping costs. This shipping cost will be paid after the project has been successfully funded.

How will I get my reward? When the project is successful, I will send you an email with a unique voucher code and instructions on how to redeem your reward. You will be able to create an account on the brand new Sketch and Story website and enter your delivery details so I know where to send your happy mail to! At the same time, I will be busy ordering all the items, testing, packing, and sending your lovely new supplies to you. I hope to have the first boxes sent out in a few weeks.  

I am confident I have done everything I can in advance, although it is always possible for unexpected delays that are not within my control. If I do hit a snag for any reason, I will keep you updated at all times.

What if I want to buy a Sketch and Story subscription as a gift? Of course you can! You can choose the Founder's Box reward, and once the project is successful, I will send you an email with a unique voucher code. You can redeem your Founder’s Box with the instructions in the email. At checkout, you can leave a note for me of the gift message and the recipient’s name. I will package up the box with your lovely message and send it to them for you. 

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

14 of 14 claimed

Founder's Box

For this pledge you will get the very first box of lovely art supplies delivered to your door, so you can unleash your creativity. Thank you for being one of our very first supporters!

£5 or more

A big thank you!

A very heartfelt thank you for believing in my project and helping me bring it to life!

£8 or more

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Artist Gift - It's In My DNA Pin

A cute paintbrush and pencil are entwined in a DNA twist, designed for those of you who have creativity deep in your soul. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or a gift for a creative friend!

£11 or more

2 of 10 claimed

Artist Gift - Spring Planner Clips

A lovely set of three planner clips, specially made to match beautifully with the spring-themed Founder's Box. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or a gift for a creative friend.

£22 or more

7 of 7 claimed

Early Bird Special Offer

For this pledge you will get the first Founder's Box of deluxe art supplies delivered to your door at a one time discount. Thank you so much for being one of our very first supporters!

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