Skate As One - Community Skate/well being project

by James Peters @SkateAsOne in Worthing, England, United Kingdom


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To provide a safe space where young people and adults can skate, create, and feel great. Our focus is on skateboarding and mental well being

by James Peters @SkateAsOne in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

The vision we have is to create an indoor skatepark within the Worthing area, in west sussex. We currently have a wealth of outdoor parks, and we aim to complement these, and provide a safe space, with positive role models, coaching, and a focus on mental well being. 

Our team is currently expanding, but currently consists of myself (James Peters) and my Partner (David Odell). We met at a local skatepark, where i was able to get to know Dave and his family, and have been helping his Daughter to learn to skate. Having been involved in some skate coaching, and having some ideas to set up a skate school locally, we discussed the dream, an indoor skatepark. Somewhere away from some of the social problems that have recently surfaced at our public skateparks, and a space that was not dependent on weather. 

My background is in mental health nursing, i have been a registered nurse for 20 years, and currently work in adult service in Worthing. My belief is that mental well being can be positively contributed to by skateboarding. This has also been my own personal experience, having struggled with my own mental well being over the past 5 years, and beyond. 

Dave has a background in managing residential services for people with learning disabilities, and shares my passion and vision, to work with young people, to engage those who have a lack of positive social opportunities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with mental health and disability needs. 

What we want to open, is not just a skatepark. Yes, we want a facility that canreach out to the whole community. But our real drive is to work with those who are experiencing these struggles, and to boost their self esteem and confidence, and to have a positive experience which can contribute to their well being, and to allow them to have fun. 

We have also spoken about using our space in the future to provide facilities for parents and children, after school groups, exercise classes, art exhibitions, and showcase local talent by hosting other events. 

We are working on many plans to try and look for an appropriate venue for our facility. And what we are currently looking at is to rent space, within a local leisure facility, and to have a 'pop up skate park' that we can run on a sessional basis, to demonstrate engagement and positive outcomes.

We also aim to go out into schools, youth groups, and other organisations to provide taster sessions for free, and to work with schools to see what we can provide to them as an alternate physical activity for their students.

The funding we are currently seeking, is initial start up costs for equipment and obstacles/ramps for our 'pop up park' 

Our plan is to run two to three sessions per week, and to provide the opportunity to use a skateboard, even if you don't currently have access to one. 

We are hoping to obtain 5 pieces of skateboard ramps/obstacles

Including a Mini Ramp/Halfpipe, a ledge, a polejam, a quarter pipe, and a spine ramp. We are also building some additional pieces, and hope to also involve some of the 'pop up park' users to participate in choosing/desiging/building additonal obstacles. 

We also want to be able to have skateboards for people to use, and are aiming to secure 10 boards, 10 helmets, and 10 sets of pads in various sizes.

The aim will still be to look for a permanent venue, but this equipment will be invaluable, as it will continue to allow us the opportunity to do outreach work, and to visit schools, and to offer services such as school holiday clubs.

Our aim is not to be a profit making organisation, but to provide a much needed resource, and to allow people a space to exercise their creativity, to learn new skills, to meet new friends, and really, most importantly, feel good and have fun. 

We are really excited about this project, and have had an overwhelming response from the local community, the skate community, and also many other organisations. 


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