'Skara' First Wave. A film to be made in Scotland

by Skara Books in Kirkwall, Scotland, United Kingdom

'Skara' First Wave. A film to be made in Scotland
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Skara, my amazing Neolithic novel set in Orkney and Canada needs £49K for FILM screen development by KiwiFilmHouse.com MADE in SCOTLAND

by Skara Books in Kirkwall, Scotland, United Kingdom


The First Wave, fund raisers


I have been fortunate enough to have my acclaimed novel, ‘Skara,’ chosen for a feature film. Chelsea Grant of Kiwi Film House, her film production company, is thrilled by the opportunity.


Chelsea Grant

‘Skara’ will be a lively series of five books set in Orkney’s golden Neolithic era. Go to www.skarabooks.com and you can even download a copy. ‘Skara’ deals with the lives of two special people, oceans apart, but destined to meet. All facets of the books are eminently filmable with drama, pathos, love, venom, tragedy and triumph.

I am also writing to people with a definite connection and interest in Orkney to offer further financial support for the film. My agent, John Welburn and I are very excited by the prospect of the film being made! There have been lengthy discussions with Chelsea, about funding the initial money for the Pre-Production investment. A figure of £100,000 needs to be raised to complete the initial development work. This part of the appeal, £49K, will pay for the script writing, screenplay and contracts for leading actors etc. My funding launch is for the first film only. Each following film will be self-financing.

Central Peat Hearth

The main film backers have been identified. Lionsgate has girded its loins to potentially distribute the films. Major A-list stars are well aware of ‘Skara’ and are eager to appear in it. The Director, film editor, composers, animation crew and scriptwriters are also interested, even at this early stage.

There is a two level funding process to make a film. They are separate entities consisting of pre-development funding then the major finance for making the film.

I would like to ask you to think about how you might help with the pre-production fund.

Winter Solstice over Hoy

Please do consider the following reasons we require funding:

To make it clear, the development fund pays for initial sample filming; scriptwriting and legal contracts with actors, the director, agents, crew and producers, the sales package to be compiled and initial artworks. When all this is done, the large backers come in to fund the movie.

When the fund is complete Andrew will give a signed copy of Skara ,The First Wave’ and ‘Skara, The Second Wave’ to people who contribute £250 or more.

There will also be spot prises of books and my pottery during the flow of donations and a draw for a number of tickets to the premier! So please let me know your address or email.

Do enquire with John Welburn john.welburn@mac.com for further details.

With all good wishes,


Skara, my amazing Neolithic novel set in Orkney and Canada needs £49K for FILM screen development  by KiwiFilmHouse.com


Why Chelsea Grant is looking forward to working with this project.

Kiwi Film House loves to work on projects that showcase history and culture. The first film made by the film house was Titiro, it showcased the beauty of the ancient Maori from New Zealand. It took the viewer back to a time long forgotten in this day and age, to where the Gods still roamed the earth. It was shot in New Zealand’s wilderness and that’s something award-winning producer Chelsea Grant loves to do, showcase gorgeous landscapes, wild environments and times long forgotten.

Skara is set in the Neolithic times, something very important and crucial to the beauty of the story (think Vikings) and Chelsea Grant can’t wait to showcase some of Scotland’s beauty, especially the parts in Orkney where a lot of the film is set.

Chelsea is keen to increase tourism up in Orkney by bringing the film crew in as well as hiring local talents and even school kids to work on the project for their own development. Chelsea was in pre-school when she first stepped onto a film set, George Lucas’s film Willow at the age of 2.

“I’m incredibly excited to have optioned the story Skara, it’s got such depth and emotion. It really does take the reader back to a time not experienced, it’s so ruthless but also so magical. I’m keen to turn this book into a visual feast for the viewers” - Chelsea Grant


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

Free Novels

2 Skara novels for a £250 (or the currency equivalent) donation or more, when the target is reached

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