Funding to set up an outdoor adventure company offering Mountaineering and Rock Climbing courses.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About my project

Hi, I'm looking for funding to set up my outdoor climbing and mountaineering business. The aim of my business is to introduce people to one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and also provide courses to develop knowledge and skills. I hope that people will enjoy a different side of the outdoors.


Courses for young people

My main focus is to provide courses for young people; outdoor learning has been proven to have incredible benefits. It's not only great for physical health but also for mental wellbeing, enhancing social skills, developing personal confidence and interpersonal communication. Being able to provide experiences and qualifications for young people would have a massive impact on their lives. I have years of experience working for climbing centres and outdoor companies and whilst working for these businesses I have been able to help schools gain grants and funding for such courses. 

Courses I wish to provide:

Duke of Edinburgh 

NNAS (national navigation award scheme)

NICAS (national indoor climbing award scheme) - GCSE Sport

BELA (British expedition leadership award)

Climbing wall award (CWA) - NGB instructing qualification

All these courses will enhance a young person's CV and will show future employers a different side to their skills, which many other qualifications such as GCSE's or A levels can't demonstate. 


Courses for everyone 

 My other main focus is to introduce climbing and mountaineering to as many people as I can. As stated above, climbing and being in the outdoors can have huge benefits on pyhsical health and mental well being. With the rise of the health and fitness trend, it can be a daunting task to stay focused and motivated.  Climbing , mountain walking and mountaineering are incredibly fun ways to stay fit, whilst providing ever increasing goals, so you can focus on improving your grade or reaching the next summit. I wish to be able to introduce these sports to you, from basic indoor climbing courses to full mountaineering experiences, so you can learn the necessary skills to enjoy the world I love so much. Some of the course I wish to provide are below. My Rewards offers include a range of activities at a 30% discounted rate, so if you feel you want to help me reach my target and get something back for your incredibly kind donations please check out my Rewards section.

 Courses I wish to provide......

Navigation skills - Summer and Winter walking (NNAS)

Sport climbing courses 

Traditional Climbing courses

Multi Pitch climbing courses

Ice Climbing

Winter mountaineering and altitude climbing courses


 Where your funding will go...

 I am asking for funding predominantly to help with buying licences and insurance, to run as an individual company, as well as investing in some new equipment to be able to cater for large groups of people. I am also looking for some extra funding to help with some marketing. A breakdown of where the funding will go can be seen in the pie chart  and figures below.


About me

I am incredibly passionate about outdoor activities and have been a qualified outdoor instructor for 9 years. Teaching people about how to climb and navigate around some of the most beautiful environments in the world has been an absolute privilege. I am a qualified SPA, CWLA climbing instructor and a Development climbing coach, hold my summer and winter mountain leader qualifications (ML) and have been climbing all over the world for the last 10 years. Climbing has enabled me to live a modest yet adventurous life and has seen me climb mountains from North Wales to the Matterhorn in the Italian Alps. I have worked for some of the largest outdoor centres in the U.K. and managed a large climbing wall for 4 years. Climbing has helped me in so many ways, more than just in maintaining my physical health, it has rewarded me a lifestyle, in which I have been able to learn focus and improve self-discipline, as well as providing endless adventures. Everyone should have climbing in theirs lives and I hope to inspire many more people to take up the sport. 

Any support for my project would be received with infinite gratitude.

Thank you for reading