SISTINE BRITAIN (Luxury Fashion Brand)

by Jonathan Hooper in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

SISTINE BRITAIN (Luxury Fashion Brand)
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I have been designing my first collection of luxury garments for the past year or so and am now ready to initiate the production process.

by Jonathan Hooper in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

Sistine manifests its image from contemporary and minimalist concepts. It will boasts pure elegance in women’s and men’s dress wear, and display an advanced perspective of modern streetwear using futuristic lines, cuts and accents.

To supply a better understanding of Sistine’s vision, below are the brands’ primary design requirements, along with details that should help to describe the brand’s image. These points are what define Sistine as a brand.

  • Proudly British luxury brand
  • Contemporary and minimalist concepts
  • Advanced perspective of modern streetwear 
  • Futuristic
  • Exclusive
  • Immaculate craftsmanship
  • High grade materials 
  • Distinctive design
  • Image of excellence
  • Incredible attention to detail.
  • Innovative design
  • Tasteful elegance
  • Bold and experimental
  • Sophisticated

Sistine will demonstrate its ability to produce intoxicating garments by using a foundation of simple elegance, then expressed through minimalistic and contemporary concepts. This will be accompanied with tasteful blasts of colour, innovative cuts, then finished with glamorous hardware and trims. These defining attributes are what will develop into Sistine's signature look.

To assist in fulfilling Sistine’s core objectives and targets, the use of major online platforms will be used to boost its online presence, and then monitoring the traffic will allow the company to decide where to focus its efforts.

Facebook and Instagram have proved their ability to magnify a brand’s online presence using adverts and promotion via influencers. These techniques will ensure relentless opportunity for the brand to build its awareness. 

Accounts will be made for both platforms prior to the release of the first collection to gain initial interest. This will involve the use of captivating promotional videos, and posts from photoshoots that tease and highlight the brands’ incredible attention to detail.

If the target amount is raised, the production process will begin, which will start with the development of the designs using CAD. This will assist in the Designer/Manufacturer understanding of the concepts, ensuring minimal mistakes, and optimum efficiency.

Once the development stage is completed, production will begin. This will fall alongside the unfolding of Sistine's marketing strategy, ensuring sufficient time to gain initial brand awareness.

Once the garments are in production, the planning of photoshoots and promotional videos will begin. This will involve the searching of locations, a photographer, videographer and casting of influencers/models that will further Sistine's image. 

Sistine aims to compete with the industry’s elite, to which we have an answer for. Where competing brands often overcompensate for innovative design, Sistine will ensure its innovation is met with tasteful elegance, still conforming to the demand of bold and experimental pieces, but maintaining its hallmark for sophistication.

To summarise, Sistine's end goal is to solidify its status as a luxury brand by producing garments of unparalleled class and captivating innovation. Furthermore, Sistine's ability to encapsulate hyper-modernism with simple elegance will flourish into the next movement of high fashion.


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