SAVE OUR STRIPPERS-worlds first online strip club!

by Tiger Stokes in Truro, England, United Kingdom

SAVE OUR STRIPPERS-worlds first online strip club!


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The global pandemic has created an uncertain world for the exotic dancer! Sintree will be the World's first online Strip Club and save jobs!

by Tiger Stokes in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Having worked as a lap dancer in strip clubs all over the world for the last 15 years I have gained experience in all areas of life.  It has given me confidence to be myself and love the body I am in, it has provided me with a great lifestyle and the ability to travel and learn about the world, it has taught me resilience and strength, It has given me people skills and kept me fit and healthy.  I have met some of the best people from all walks of life and made life long friends that mean the world to me.  More than often as dancers, we face criticism, hatred and jealousy from many people but battle past it as this is our choice of career! We are mother's, sister's, daughters, students, we are intelligent females that enjoy using our sexuality to create great lives for ourselves and to provide for our families. In today's times we are enjoyed by many different people for fun, company and entertainment.  We are just normal girls!!

Caronavirus has completely destroyed our livelihoods!!

Closing all strip clubs has taken away all ability to earn money. With no help from the government in this sector at all, dancer's have been left out in the cold with nothing and no prospects to support their families and children! Some not having any other qualifications to do anything else and no time to retrain!

I want to change this!

As taboo as some of you think this subject may be, I'm sure most of you have been into a strip club at some point in your lives, for stag do's, hen do's, parties or just for a bit of fun or company on a lonely night! not only have the girls all lost their jobs but all the customer's out there are now left with no more naughty entertainment! nowhere for guy's to go to enjoy one last strip show before tying the knot! nowhere for the lonely gentlemen or ladies to go anymore to have the company of a pretty girl helping immensely with loneliness and mental health! nowhere for the group of girls to go and have a pole class for their hen do! and nowhere to just go for a lap dance, just for a bit of fun! Closing strip clubs has effected more people than you would ever imagine!

In an effort to Save the Stripper!  I am creating the world's first online strip club and need your help!  this will be a website and App available on Android and IOS - Sintree will give jobs back to the girls and offer customer's the opportunity to experience live strip shows and intimate chats In the comfort of their own homes.  If you own Virtual Reality glasses the stripper will be transported to give you an experience as if you were actually in a club!  Group shows will be available for stag and hen do's and live pole classes available for those with pole's at home.  Sintree will run similar to Tinder where there will be a carousel of Dancer's working at any one time to choose from where you can swipe up for the Stripper of your choice or down to continue your search.  Each dancer will have a menu of what they offer from a topless dance to full nude to 15, 30 or 60 minute intimate chats and all at affordable prices.
This is where you come in!  I am needing a total of £125,000 to create this new business opportunity to Save jobs and give back some fun entertainment in a boring locked down life! The money will be used to build the App and for marketing purposes. 

Please help and donate to get this fantastic idea off the ground, Save jobs and give dancer's back an opportunity to make a living again! If you choose to give you will get your first 10 dances for free and if you are wanting to join for a career opportunity then donate and you will be given priority in creating your profile that will be put on the feature page, giving you an advantage to be viewed first and make a lot more money!  Anyone can join! no matter size, shape, colour or race,  Sintree will be open for everyone's taste and offer a perfect way to make an extra income from home for all those confident enough and currently out of work.

Shares are also available for investors, Please message me for details.


                      Sintree - Innovative, Creation For The Naughty Mind!


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