Singapore Lion Dance

Singapore Lion Dance

Diversify Chinese Culture Week with Lion Dance Singapore

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Recently, the Singapore Chinese Culture Week was held from September 9 to 13. The event was held at the Esplanade with utmost style and sophistication. All who were present, be they young or old, local or foreign, visitors or media reps, were suitably impressed with the events held.

However, even though the Singapore Chinese Culture Week was deemed a success, I think the event altogether looks too suspiciously likened to a fashion show. Yes, Chinese Culture is prevalent everywhere but as attendees, I think we would like to see more Chinese culture present apart from photography, fashion and calligraphy exhibitions.

For starters, I'd suggest having a lion dance Singapore exhibition. A robust lion dance Singapore demo would be great to spice things up. In fact, if the organisers would like to take it one notch higher, a competition between lion dance Singapore troupes would be very appreciated. Imagine the crowd going wild as the lions cavort and compete for the prize, leaping and soaring high into the sky with their beautiful and nimble athletic capabilities. This would definitely be an awesome sight to see.

As a child, I was deeply fascinated by lion dance Singapore performances. I would be perched on my father's shoulders each time the opportunity arose just to catch sight of the enthralling lion dance Singapore troupes. It was an amazing sight to see, and now as a parent myself, I hope the Chinese Culture Week would reflect some parts of Chinese culture I have loved as a child, so that my son and daughter would be able to appreciate it too.

I would not say that the lion dance Singapore art is dying, but it would be good to have a seat for it reserved in future Singapore Chinese Culture Week, which by the way, I'd like to add is too short to showcase all that is good and grand with Singaporean Chinese Culture. We are a unique people, and there's so much more to our culture than merely calligraphy, photography and fashion.

Thank you and I hope you show support for the organisers of the Singapore Chinese Culture Week so that they're able to diversity the events for future culture weeks.

Alice Voon
- lion dance Singapore culture blogger