Hilariously unsettling, death-defying musical comedy. Hold onto your conscience, it's the greatest show that ever died.

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On 10th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £5,400 of £5,000 target with 124 supporters in 28 days

Hold on to your conscience, it's the greatest show that ever died.

Notorious taxidermy artist Charlie Tuesday Gates has scraped up roadkill, bought deceased dogs on Gumtree and revived her family pet to bring you this five-star, death-defying and hilariously unsettling musical comedy... starring real dead animal puppets.


After a sell out, 5* award-winning week long run at Vault Festival, the animals have been invited to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at one of Edinburgh's premiere venues for comedy

The Udderbelly

6th - 30th August 2015, 8.40pm

This is indeed the best news ever.....But we don't have any money

Can you sponser a dead fox and fresh woman talent for life changing rewards? 

Musicals are expensive, and ironically we need funds to pay for the actual musicians...... We need money for a pianist, saxophonist and bass player for 4 weeks in Edinburgh. They will all need shelter plus travel and to be paid for their hard work.  

When you're doing big productions, live music is the first thing that gets the cut because of cost... Music is SO important and in this case, it's the difference between life and death. The animals must be accompanied by more than a CD.


And there's so much more we want to achieve...

We also need to build amazing transportable thrones for the animals!

Edinburgh is massive and hugely competitive, there are literally thousands of performers battling to advertise their shows. We want to build a mobile marketing machine that no one can ignore - taking the puppets to the streets to spread the message of Sing For Your Life in the best and most fantastic mobility scooter you've ever seen in your life. 

Musicals are EXPENSIVE! We have to sell out to break even.

We need funds to make our set AMAZING!

The show is based in a disused garden where the animals have made home in the rubbish. They have a piano that's been turned into a torture machine ready to catch unwitting humans. This machine needs a lot of technical help, time and money...possibly pyrotechnics....smoke machine-lasers... you get the picture. 

 We need an extra puppeteer!

We currently have 4 actors that play 13 different animals! It's a very difficult task having to be everywhere at once... and with a small cast there is always a risk that someone will be unwell or unable to perform due to 'mysterious circumstances'. That is why we need an extra puppeteer, so we can train an understudy to cover for illness/lost voices as well as be on hand to be that crucial pair of extra hands. 






Sing For Your Life follows a group of animals desperately trying to put on a show for the humans, think X Factor meets Pet Rescue.... but in your own back garden. They sing for their lives, night after nightbut no one is listening to them.  

Apart from being hilarious, it probes our conscience, confronting us with the uncomfortable truth of how we purport to care about our fellow species, yet are blinded and driven to cruelty by narcissism and commodity. Sing For Your Life is littered with blunt and crass puns along with sardonic nods to the canon, processes and practices that mock popular culture, tradition and the cult of celebrity...

Sing For Your Life exposes the cracks in humanity and urges us to re-evaluate our own relationship with animals.


Charlie Tuesday Gates studied Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts. She has a reputaion for unique and challenging sculpture, performance and video art. Her fashion pieces have been commissioned for Elton John and Beyoncé and artwork exhibited internationally. Gates is offering some truly original rewards for this campaign... Sing'a'Grams, D.I.Y Taxidermy Lessons, Original Artwork ....




"A powerful howl of injustice with a distinctive creativity and grotesque charm all its own." 4* from The Church of England.P


"It’s unsettling and queasy, yet downright hilarious...A mass of contradictions, Sing For Your Life is incongruously clever. A sordid, sardonic Sesame Street." 4* The Londonist


 "Why can't I give this 6*? Really was not expecting something as brilliant as this. ... Nothing prepared me for something as moving and polished as Sing For Your Life..More charm than Avenue Q" 5* Remote Goat

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.”

Oscar Wilde

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