Sing for the Trees, a song for Christmas

by Jenni Roditi in London, England, United Kingdom

Sing for the Trees, a song for Christmas
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Set up a recording of Sing for the Trees, a song for Christmas, to support charities campaigning to stop the forest fires.

by Jenni Roditi in London, England, United Kingdom

Sing For The Trees 

a song for Christmas 

In 1989 I wrote a song called Sing for the Trees. The second line of the chorus is 'sing for the burning trees'...

I think it could inspire many people to wake up to the travesty of the huge forest fires - both by planting new trees and by supporting NGO's campaigning against deforestation globally.

I wrote it in 1989 when I was 28, in a timeless musical style, with references to Tibetan undertone vocal drones and didgeridoo bass notes with a catchy, uplifting tune and lovely groove. I think it could be uplifting and moving, awakening people to help us to take care of our planet - to break through the empty rhetorics of politicians and recognise the urgency facing our precious world, beyond borders.

The Amazon is burning. I cannot get the picture out of my mind of a tiger clinging forlornly and gratefully to a man's shoulders as he rescued the animal deep in a river. The tiger's eyes were traumatised and I could feel he was so thankful to the man for saving his life. He had had run into the water to escape the fires....

The pain of the animal kingdom is impossible to comprehend in the hellish fires of the Amazon and in Asia. It broke my heart to see this, so vividly captured in one compassionate and painful photograph. This picture has spurred me to action!

Art and the media helps us wake up and take action, both through empathy and by raising our energy and spirits to the calls for action we know we must make, and take.

Music can spur us on to do more; campaign, plant trees - get involved, however we can...!

The Amazon forests are 'the lungs of the earth' and they are choking with smoke and flames. This affects not only the environment around the fires, but across the world. It affects the air we breathe and the water we drink as the ecosphere is transferring the polluted air through 'sky rivers' which deposit dirty rains across the world.

The 1989 recording (link above) was made by my multi-tracking all the parts, with a layered melodic, lyrical singing and some (then, very unformed) 'vocal expressionism' (which I have developed in the last 30 years ..:)).

The main thing about this version of the song is the message, the melodies, the feel and the groove. It's effectively a 'stage 1 demo'. 

I would like to offer this song to raise awareness and consciousness; to help protect the rainforests around the world, in South America and also in Asia and also to support reforestation. 

To do this I will need to make a new recording that will be good enough to present to charitable organisations. Hopefully they will take it on as part of their campaigning! 

(Or maybe we will create the music video independently. It's too early to say at this stage.)

I have also scored out a new, more evolved version of the music for SATB choir, which has never been performed.

I think, with love, luck and imagination this song could be a song for Christmas 2019 (or maybe Easter 2020!)..I am totally open to that potential. Why not go for it?

I will be looking for a team of people to help me bring this idea to life at the highest level. I will need a band, a choir, soloists and some celebs too...!

I will need a sound engineering recording team and a videographer, a marketing plan to promote the music through social media. I will need a recording session in a large studio and a post production session. The whole thing needs to be thought through like any project management process.

I've never done anything on this scale before - I will be making it up as I go along in terms of leads and plans, generating energy and drive to bring this together with others.

I've started with a modest sum of £500 as a request to get the ball rolling; to test the idea, set up various meetings, plug the material to artists; choirs, soloists, celebrities, the media and marketing people. Your vote of confidence in the music in the form of a donation (no amount too small)  will allow me to spend the many, many hours it will need to bring this project to fruition.

If you think the song is 'great' and could reach into the hearts of millions (I think it could) and you would like to help push this song into the world - then do help by donating so we can begin the process of planning the project to make a prototype of the song to a 'stage 2 demo'.

Become an honorary ' founding funder' for Sing for the Trees and help get this song into the world!

Once we have got a team together then the fundraising for the demo stage 2 recording and a prototype video can begin. 

It's a four minute piece: four minutes of sheer inspiration, touching imagery and uplifting, 'soul-calling' music... something to make people awaken, be enlivened and feel their deep compassion for nature. 

If we get as far as stage 2 demo realised then we can begin to look at a production company coming on board.

The dream would be to make a music video that visually and vocally travels around the world getting local people singing along - specifically with the second line of the chorus: 'sing for the burning trees'.

The mood of the song is uplifting while at the same time bathed in a heart felt longing for healing of the trees and the forests.

Please listen to the 1989 version on SoundCloud link above. If you think the song has what it takes to reach people far and wide then join me and help make it happen.... !!

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