Sin azucar organic chocolate

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To take the business to the next level, enabling me to stock local delis and farmshops with vegan, organic, sugarfree chocolate bars

by Sean Thomas in

To produce the finest vegan organic chocolate bars using organic, sustainable cacao from peru, ecuador and madagascar

Vision is to make a successful business 

The money raised will enable me to produce more chocolate to supply local delis and shops  at the moment i handmake all the bars from home but the interest is growing hence the need to invest in a chocolate tempering machine 

Chocolate need not be full of sugars, soy, dairy and emulsifiers and other unnecessary things... Thats my goal just to make pure, clean and delicious vegan organic chocolate bars

Thanks sean


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£30 or more

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Selection of organic and vegan chocolate bars and truffles delivered at christmas.

£30 or more

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£30 reward

Organic, vegan chocolate bars and truffles twice a year delivered to you Three flavours and a bag of handmade truffles

Let's make 'Sin azucar organic chocolate' happen