Simply Unique

Simply Unique is a brand new start up Model Platform/Events Company, embracing uniqueness, individuality in the Fashion and Beauty Industry.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Simply Unique is a brand new start up Events Company, embracing uniqueness, individuality in the Fashion and Beauty Industry.  Our aim is to provide show stopping experiences.

We also offer model promotion services and training to aspiring models looking to get into the model industry. We are a plaform for creatives and emerging talent in the fashion, beauty and model industry. 

My business idea is basically based around events. I would like to be able to become an organiser who promotes opportunities for creative’s to get involved with events. I want to base it around fashion beauty music travel and food and drink. It will be a fashion and social event.
I would like to incorporate four main events linking to fashion shows, beauty, travel and food and music.

Ideally I would like to start a blog and magazine which supports local talent and incorporate it into an event which happens each year.

We will offer a range of services relating to events organisation, we can arrange shows, exhibitions, festivals and party celebrations. We will offer a unique set of services which will cater for clients requirements.

I have done some basic research on the market finding out what is already out there and what kind of events companies there is in my local area. I found that there are a small amount of events companies but none of them cater for more than one or two specific areas they limit it to one specific thing like fashion. Whereas mine will focus on four different things which will make it unique and diverse and an events company with a difference.

The fashion industry is constantly growing and the events market is on the rise. So many organisations are trying to make fashion become an event and this makes me believe that starting a fashion events company is definitely the way forward. I can see my business to become successful.

I want to be the Events Company that people talk about are recognised and people enjoy coming to my events. I want to become a global recognised business with a set of clients who will help to make this happen. I want aspiring models, and creatives to be given a chance within the industry so they showcase there talents and to promote the brand. Become a successful business which turn over a substantial amount of cash.

Open more branches and expand to other areas of the UK and further afield in other countries. To be able to get industry people involved and get the media marketing promotion e need to make this dream become a reality.