Simply The Best needs your support during lockdown

Simply The Best needs your support during lockdown



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Lockdown means we have no income - but we still have bills. Please help our cashflow during COVID-19 by buying Gift Vouchers at a discount.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive.

Crowdfunder are currently offering up their platform to allow all UK small businesses to pre-sell their goods and services for cash now on a promise to redeem these at a later date.

The Simply The Best COVID-19 Crowdfund will enable us to keep our Fair Trade shop ticking over till we can re-open and once again offer our range of hand crafted goods from around the world.

*Please Note* At the top there is a ‘Donation’ section - Crowdfunder just put this here for everybody. If you’d like to buy Gift Vouchers - please see the ‘Rewards’ section below it. Thanks!

We don't ask for any charity - we just need to keep our cash flowing, so we can pay rent and bills that aren't covered by any other means.

We'd like to offer you the chance to buy Gift Vouchers redeemable at Simply The Best's shop, our daughter's shop Outside The Box, both in Dornoch, as well as online at our web shop Simply The Best Toys And Gifts. The shop links shown are to our presences on the North Coast 500 website.

If you give an amount now, we will give you a Free 20% Uplift on your chosen amount - so if you pledge £10, we will send you a Gift Voucher for £12. Pledge £50 and we'll up that to £60. It can be for whatever amount you like - and vouchers don't need to be redeemed all at once.

No strings attached - they're redeemable on ANY product at Simply The Best Fair Trade Shop, Outside The Box Toys & Gifts  or in our web shop - and redeemable for 2 years (we sincerely hope the lockdown won't last that long!).

By doing this, we still have some cash coming in and can keep the shops ticking over till we can be fully open again. And don't forget - our web shop is open right now.... In fact, we're presently beavering away to try and get many more of our products up on the web as quickly as possible. Our wonderful posties are still working hard, so we can get things out to you pronto.

What can you buy with these vouchers? Our full ranges of unusual Fair Trade crafts and gifts - scarves, sculptures, tableware, notebooks, incense and much more. We have just under 300 CD titles of music from around the world - just the thing to keep you going under lockdown - as well as a fantastic range of educational wooden toys, TY Beanies, Hooligans kids' clothes (from South Africa), LEGO - and much, much more. We also have souvenir photo fridge magnets of Dornoch and the surroundings, as well as other Scottish souvenirs (These still need to be added to the web shop).

If you think you might want to buy from us in the future - please - think about buying a Gift Voucher or two now - it'll help us more than you can know...

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