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We are seeking crowd funding to promote our new product Simply Solo to a wider audience across multiple applications.

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At Exodus-Solutions we have been developing a number of IT related products that support skills and training of individuals. One of our products 'Permit Card' has a number of applications within one of which is a Lone Worker support tool. 

Whilst market testing this we had significant feedback to deploy the lone worker element as a stand alone product for multi-use applications. Thus Simply Solo was born.

The Wider Product:

Simply Solo has a wider application and is not intended for just the commercial market. Our research showed that a number of sporting activities such as Horse Riding or cycling can incur accidents when least expected. 

It is not uncommon when these injuries occur to be isolated and away from immediate help and not necessarily in an easily identifiable location to summon help. 

How It Works:

Simply Solo is activated prior to your journey by the user, it is de-activated at the end of the journey by the user, and nobody is alerted or tracks the user in a normal and uneventful journey. Simply Solo is there as your assurance all the time, however it particularly comes into its own if you have an accident or incident that requires assistance. Arguably when you most need help it is there as your unseen companion. 

The automated process alerts your pre-determined Point of Contact that you the user has failed to de-activate the system. This is all done remotely regardless of your smart phone condition or signal strength at that time.

Dependant on the pre-determined instructions you have agreed with your Point of Contact help will either be a call from them to check you are ok or indeed them travelling to your last know location (Issued in the automated message) or the emergency services.

If the user was injured or unable to call for help, this may save valuable time for the assistance you urgently require.

Multiple Applications:

Of course you may just want additional peace of mind when travelling in a taxi or undertaking a train journey. Again the application can be used.

It may be you simply break down on a car journey and want a location check, Simply Solo can provide a map reference not just a post code or road name.

Finally for the parents out there, you may want to encourage your teenagers to be home at a certain time. Assuming they use a smart phone, you can pre-set a designated time and password protect the alarm. At the point of activation you will be informed of their location and their phone can be locked for emergency calls only.

We hope you will see Simply Solo has many applications and benefits we wish to promote. We hope you will see many other applications to suit your lifestyle.

How We Will Use The Investment:

The money we raise will be used to attend a selection of industry and lifestyle events to promote this affordable solution to a wider number of industries, and therefore accelerating the brand and product recognition. 

Larger subscription numbers will support additional development of this affordable product with greater numbers of people being able to benefit from it.

It will also enable us to continue our development of great ideas for the product which we believe will provide additionality that you may not have even thought of.   


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£55 or more

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Gift Voucher

We shall supply a one year Individual Subscription Gift Voucher. This comes in a small presentation box and is an ideal gift. In addition to the Simply Solo gift subscription, we shall commit to planting a tree in the UK for every user who subscribes via the Gift Voucher route. This is reduced from our published fees and a saving of £5.50. This would make a unique and interesting Christmas present.

£25 or more

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Launch Patron

We will create a bespoke login for our Launch Patrons who will receive an invitation from us to trial the product for 1 month and invite feedback. Where changes are adopted from that feedback we will provide an annual subscription to that user free of charge.

£45 or more

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Annual Indivudal Subscription

We shall provide an annual individual subscription for 1 user at the discounted rate. This will see a saving of £10.00/user.

£250 or more

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Company Subscription

We shall provide an organisation annual subscription to Simply Solo for up to 5 users. This will see a saving of £50.00

£1,000 or more

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Large User Subscription

We shall supply an organisation a one year subscription for up to 20 users. This sees a discount of £200 from our published fees.

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