Sim's New RGK Wheelchair

by Simeon Wakely in 

Sim's New RGK Wheelchair
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New RGK Wheelchair

by Simeon Wakely in

Simeon is a Disability activist, mentor and Head coach of the South West Scorpions wheelchair basketball team. He is in dire need of a new Wheelchair that meets the demands of his active life style.  

Simeon works hard to spread awareness of the issues disabled people face, hoping to start conversations and make positive changes across the country, through events, that bring people together to discuss these issues and social media such as a youtube channel, which he regularly uploads, twitter, instagram and facebook.

Simeon also works with young people with disabilities to help support them with the troubles they encounter growing up in the education system, helping them to understand themselves, their bodies and the world around them.  Also Sim provides lectures to whole schools / classes to help educate the youth of today into being more understanding on the subject of disability and what it is like to live with.

The current chair Simeon owns is not robust enough to meet the demands of such an active lifestyle.  Because of this Simeon is facing several issues, the first of which is managing a pressure sore that is having an increasingly larger impact in Simeon's lifestyle.  This has led to more doctors appointments, which in turn have led Sim to being told to spend one hour a day in his chair which has meant cancelled appointments and time off from basketball coaching.  This in turn has an affect on Sim's well being as i'm sure you can understand how important attending these are to him.

Sim has big dreams, and would one day like to achieve independence, living free of financial support, however he understands that life is a journey and he needs support to achieve these goals.  Sim's is working hard to develop his business to one day earn enough to be able to provide for himself.  As part of this journey, he has learnt to drive to transport himself to his business appointments and weekly basketball sessions.  Currently his chair is quite heavy, which can prove difficult for independent loading in and out of his vehicle.  

Simeon's current chair is funded by the NHS wheelchair service and is meeting the regulation of the wheelchair service and not the individual.  This means it isn't always what is best for the needs of the patient and there is no greater example to this then Simeon's wheelchair.  Simeon is currently in a moulded seat that is meant to be 'supporting' his scoliosis.  This is far from the truth, the moulded seat restricts Simeon's movement to be able to pick things up from the floor and turn his body.  As a young male living an active lifestyle, these restrictions add extra strain as the limitations mean Simeon has push harder to achieve what to most may see as basic movements.

As a young individual promoting so much positivity in the world,  Sim deserves a chair that supports him as much as he supports others, and so the chair we would like to get to make a huge impact and positive change in Sim's life is the RGK Tiga sub4, a lightweight, strong and robust chair that will specifically help to address the issues that are impacting on Sims lifestyle and holding back his personal development and progression for independence.

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