Silverfit Summer Extravaganza

by Alan Beer in London, England, United Kingdom

Silverfit Summer Extravaganza
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Funds to support Silverfit members enjoy a well deserved Summer Party, any surplus will be used for Silverfit Charity

by Alan Beer in London, England, United Kingdom

Summer is here and we have not forgotten its time to relax and let our hair down, just a bit.
Now if we lived in California we may suggest a day at the beach catching the Sun and Surfing...  But we don’t live there, we live here in Iconic London. Now I don’t have the wardrobe, or the hat, for the house at the end of the Mall. So the one thing better than an invitation to Buckingham Palace for a “Garden Party”, is an invitation to the “Silverfit Summer Extravaganza”.
 Wednesday, 25th July.
 Archbishops Park, Carlisle Lane, Lambeth, London, SE1 7LE.
3.00pm till 6.30pm.
Archbishops Park is on the South side of the river, between Westminster bridge and Lambeth bridge. Historic Lambeth Palace, is in on the west edge of the Park.
Everything is coming together for a great afternoon, our choice of venue has been influenced by the location of the “Worlds Fastest Zip Wire”. We are in the process of setting up a crowd funding event for the ZIP WIRE.

We are working with the operator “Zip Now”, so anybody who fancies a try can do it completely free. The crowd funding scheme will allow us to support the event and hopefully generate surplus monies for Silverfit as a whole.
We also plan to have a Cheerleading demo and fun short exercise class.
3.00pm to 3.30pm arrive, catch up with friends, nibbles, refreshments and find a patch of grass and relax.
3.30pm Exercise Event, followed by Cheerleading demo.
4.00pm to 4.30pm cheer on our Zippees. (I think that's a new word)
17.00pm to 6.30pm your chance to relax and enjoy.
If you would like something more substantial to eat, you are welcome to bring your own food. Or perhaps group together with friends and bring something each. Similarly if you would like a Pimms or a Beer please feel free to bring your own.
After the Zippees have done their bit, we will have a glass of prosecco for those who wish.
Zip Now, the biggest, fastest city centre zip wire in the worldprovide a very thorough safety briefing, and have a 100 percent safety record, you will be in safe hands. I should just mention that the climb to the launch tower, is a measly 184 steps. Good job we are Silverfit eh!
So all we need now are plenty of volunteers to take part on the Zip Wire. Lets show the world that we can party.
Please sign up now tor the Zip Wire at this link:.....

The Party will be entirely free, but we do need numbers, please let your ambassador know you plan to join us or RSVP to
Watch out for more info on the crowd funding scheme.

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