Replace the Silver Bullet

by Max Edwards in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Replace the Silver Bullet
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All donations redeemable in bookings with It is with enormous sadness that I have to announce the recent theft of the one-...

by Max Edwards in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

All donations redeemable in bookings with It is with enormous sadness that I have to announce the recent theft of the one-and-only Silver Bullet. Since this very special Mazda E2200 went missing not a single lead has come to light regarding its possible whereabouts, despite it being registered as stolen on the National Police Computer for 2 weeks. The police have closed the case and I can only conclude that it has been whisked out of the country under false number plates, and is gone forever :(


This unique and trusty van has been a true friend and family member for over 12 years, and is sorely missed. Not only has it helped out hundreds of customers across Brighton & beyond, but it has been our proud and comfortable home-from-home at dozens of festivals, events and day-trips. It would barely be an overstatement to say that we are grief-stricken.


What made the 20-year old Silver Bullet so irreplaceable was its "up front" cab design that sits the occupants above the engine, rather than behind it, enabling the cargo area to be unbelievably roomy for such a compact and manoeuvrable vehicle.

Vans like this just aren't available in the UK any more, at least not in any kind of useful condition. Not least because the last remaining decent examples are constantly being sought out for export and conversion to compact minibuses, for sale to markets in the developing world.

A 2000 model and in fantastic well-maintained condition in and out, the Silver Bullet was a shining example of what was achieved towards the end of the computerless era in motor engineering. Vehicles like this can be kept on the road indefinitely using only traditional mechanic's skills & tools. I can only hope that this means it will live forever, somewhere in a strange and distant land, and that it will remain as loved as it always was with us.

But there is a fittingly silver lining to this dark cloud. I have long be highly conscious of the polluting nature of this type of old diesel vehicle. Living and operating in central Brighton, I'm acutely aware not only of the serious air-quality issues we face here, but also that my van has been contributing to these issues. As I look to the future, and to sourcing a replacement vehicle, I realise that now is my chance to do something about this.

Moving from the Silver Bullet’s highly polluting, 20-year old 2.2 litre diesel engine, to a modern ultra-efficient 1.6 litre EURO6-compliant vehicle, made in 2014 or later, will enable me to drastically reduce my emissions as I continue to serve customers across Brighton & Hove. And of course, it HAS to be silver.

But this all-new lower emissions Silver Bullet Mk 2 will not come cheap. I will require an upfront sum of £11k to achieve this. The insurance company will only be paying out a minuscule fraction of that, and my own cash reserves are low.

I thus intend to borrow a significant amount to make this happen, in the knowledge that the business will be able to repay the loan over time provided I up my marketing game. But it's not feasible to borrow the whole amount required.

Therefore if you have been moved by this story and would like to contribute to this new chapter for Silver Bullet Removals, all donations will be gratefully received.

But we are not simply asking for a handout here. Every single penny you put in towards this shiny new van, will be logged as credit for you to use against any future bookings you might need to make in the new improved Silver Bullet Mk 2.

The original Silver Bullet will remain forever in our hearts, and can NEVER be replaced. But this is our chance to "build back better", and we hope you can be a part of that.

With love from Max & Kaia.

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