Silent Shout story of Britain's homeless

Silent Shout aims to raise public awareness of the UK's homelessness issue & provide work for a homeless person & a chance to start again.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 8:31pm 21st August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 8:31pm 21st August 2018

Nationally thousands of people are forced to try & survive on the streets of Britain because for one reason or another they have been failed by the system & have become stuck in a vicious circle.

Such cities as Birmingham  & Milton Keynes are now classed as high on the SHELTER national stats for homeless yet other cities such as Nottingham are proactivly dealing with the issue head on with the sole intention of assisting their fellow human to get back on their feet & under a safe roof & back into a normal state of daily life.

My Creative Films Ltd have been in pre production for a year now for Silent Shout, the Hard Talking, Raw & Real documentary highlighting all aspects of the homelessness plight spread across the UK.

We will show every aspect in real light, looking into the service providers & what the Government regulations allow them to offer to those in a street homeless situation, along with the service user the homeless people in need of the help. We'll also show viewers those in the middle doing their bit to help by running the hundreds of soup kitchens across the UK & lastly we will show you the individual exactly what your options are to do your part to help the next homeless vulnerable person you see sat on the street as you go about your day.

during production we will give two street homeless people the opportunity to work with us under guidance & with the cooperation of the local authority to give them the chance to change their lives for the better & start again.

Now heres the BUT, to do it all we need Funding / Donations / Sponsors whichever name you want to put to giving money to a worthy cause but without it the documentary won't get filmed & the general public won't have the opportunity to learn what they can do to help another human being who's in a much worse situation than they could ever care to think of being in themselves.

Every sponsor who donates whatever they can will be credited on the documentary & all donations will be used to pay for crew travel to the various locations mentioned above, where the homelessness is at a national high. It will fund Accommodation along with food for the crew & the homeless people featured in the documentary.

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