'Silent Running', a play.

'Silent Running', a play.

'Silent Running', an original theatre piece, set in real time reveals the final 90 minutes of the 5 remaining crew members of the 'Perseus'

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Theatre 313 are a new company who strive to bring new, innovative and exciting theatre to you: the audience. 'Silent Running' is a brand new show from 313 Theatre and unlike anything that a regular theatrical narrative would follow.

 What is 'Silent Running'?

“Perseus will last an hour, 2 at most… our SOS is hardly recognisable, no one will even know we’re down here”.

Stranded at the bottom of the Atlantic, with limited power, air and time ‘Silent Running’ tells of the final 90 minutes of five remaining crew members. In real time the events play out as one long extended scene escalating each and every choice that takes place. As time continues to run and the threat of death looms ever closer the crew finally start to reveal themselves. Who they really are and what extent they will go to for their own survival.

“Wonderfully directed, the subtly and complexity of the relationships between characters was mesmerizing.”

 “An intriguing and brilliant show carefully weaved together.”

IYAF festival 2014 Finite Minds.

'Silent Running' is an original script written and directed by Lawrence Crane. It tells of the 90 minute struggle from crash landing to possible rescue or death of the final remaining crew members of the fictional submarine Perseus. In these 90 minutes the audience sees first-hand the real time implications of choice, whilst blurring the line between what is morally right, what should be done and what is easy. Within this time we see these 5 nameless crew members, engaged in a constant battle with the idea of their death, what death and life means to them personally, and what their lives mean to those they love. This makes it a highly personal story, despite the harsh setting, that audiences can connect too.

Through these 90 minutes the audience begin to discover who these people really are, and to what extent they will go to live. From their start to their conclusion we see the immediate and long term psychological and physical damage as well as the strain that the crew undergo from this doomed vessel and from one another. The folly of rushed choice, hesitation and the outcome of fear based choices are played out in real time taking the audience through the same experiences as the crew.

Who we are.

Creative Team

Cast: Hannah Firth, Carl Dolamore, James Docherty, Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas.

Creator and Director: Lawrence Crane

What your donation will go too.

With your donation going to preproduction costs, venue hire, rehearsal space, set, props and costumes, we can be sure that our Box Office proceeds can be split between our cast and our creative team, who are otherwise giving their time for free to make ‘Silent Running’ a reality.

‘Silent Running’ is a show unlike any other. As the minutes pass by the crew and the audience experience the same emotions and outcome of choices in real time. It’s a show that brings characters and audiences together over emotions that transcend over the theatre stage.

With your donation, we together can bring ‘Silent Running’ to audiences, and make a truly amazing and wonderful production. 'Silent Running' is a production we throughtly excitied about and cannot wait to show to you. Thank you for your donation.    

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