'Silent me' a dance film

'Silent me' a dance film

A dance film to be screened in London and shared across social media platforms will allow more people to access high quality art for free.

We did it!

On 26th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £735 of £700 target with 20 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

We will investigate the viability of a private screening, if this is not found to be the best audience at this stage of the project any excess money raised will be used towards funding a second film in order to maintain the momentum.

This project combines film, dance and design. It will involve three artists... dancer, choreographer and designer. 'Silent Me' is a dance film inspired by the greatest silent movie performers of our time, such as  Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Max Linder and so on. The film is to be set to music from Chaplin's iconic 'The Kid'.

The project will be a collaborative effort, with each discipline holding an equal weight in the creative process. We aim for our film to reach many arts platforms, bringing a more broad and diverse group of spectators to our work as artists.

It is our shared aim as artists working in different capacities within dance production to produce a body of work that brings new audiences to the genre and speaks beyond the traditional dance community.

It's a rare thing to experience high quality art from a dance and design perspective for free- this project will do just that. The funds raised would be used to purchase or rent the costume, set and equipment needed to produce a high quality film.


Designer:  Max Nicholson Lailey 

After his training as a dancer at Rambert School, Max gained a place on the MA in Costume Design for Performance at London College of Fashion. Currently completing his course, he is working as a freelance choreographer and costume designer, with a strong emphasis on costume collaboration with performance, particularly in contemporary dance. 

(photos Jack Thompson and John Pridmore)

Dancer: Inês Pinheiro

Inês began dancing at the age of five, in a small ballet school. When she turned nine, she joined the Conservatory in Lisbon. After eight years of vocational training, with a year spent at CINEVOX Junior Company in Swizerland, she chose to take her study of dance to a higher level, applying for The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Since graduating, besides working with notetoSELF DanCe Company, Bee DanceCompany and Exzeb Company, Inês has collaborated with artists working in different disciplines, participating in art installations/performances and dance films. Currently, Inês has been working on Mirrored, me? since March. It has been very enriching for her to collaborate with architects and musicians along the choreographic creative process. Inês also started working for a new project called Requiem for Aleppo this January, which she has found an intensely thought-provoking and emotional experience.

Finally, Inês is very much looking forward to starting a project with Arielle, with whom she has collaborated before in the creation of a piece entitled Storm, which was selected to be performed at Design for Dance, at Central Saint Martins. 

(photo Kat Collings)

 Choreographer: Arielle Smith

Arielle began her vocational training at the Hammond School and at 16 continued with a BA Hons course at Rambert School. Throughout her training Arielle has always showed an interest in choreography. Two of her pieces, 'Particle Fever' and 'Storm', were selected to be a part of the annual Design For Dance collaborative project held at Central Saint Martins. This sparked off Arielle's desire to collaborate. Before graduating, Arielle already had her work showcased on world class stages such as the London Palladium, Sadlers Wells Main Stage, The Linbury and many more, having been lucky enough to have her work as a young choreographer commissioned by the late, great Jill Tookey for the National Youth Ballet of Great Britain.

Arielle was invited to return to Rambert School to choreograph a piece on its 2nd and 3rd year students to be performed at the Barbican Festival Hall, to a new score composed by Danyal Dhondy and played live by the London Schools Symphony Orchestra. She also returns to the National Youth Ballet to choreograph for the 30th anniversary shows to be performed at Sadlers Wells and another regional theatre.  

(photo John Pridmore)

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