Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020

To raise the awareness of the Sikh Manifesto with politicians, Gurdwaras, communities, Sikhs & Non Sikhs within the UK & abroad.

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £5,521 of £5,000 target with 60 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Excellent response to Sikh Manifesto

Any donations over £5,000 will be used to promote the Sikh Manifesto via the media - mainstream and Sikh media.

Project aim

To support & raise the awareness of the Sikh Manifesto with politicians, Gurdwaras, communities, Sikhs & Non Sikhs within the UK. This will be achieved through marketing of the Sikh Manifesto via video clips, brochures and events within local communities.

Your donation will help: a) print and distribute 10,000 additional copies of the Sikh Manifesto; b) print tens of thousands of leaflets in English and Punjabi that can be distributed at Nagar Kirtans; and c) short video clips to be produced for each of the ten issues in the Sikh Manifesto that will be used on social media and provided to the three Sikh TV channels.

The money raised will go directly into promoting the Sikh Manifesto and raising awareness and understanding within the Sikh community and wider British public through more Manifesto printing both English & Punjabi versions, professional video promotions and media airtime.  

About the project

The Sikh Network is an open collaborate collective of over 1,200 Sikh activists from existing Sikh organisations, youth groups, human rights and political activists, lawyers, academics, researchers, journalists, public sector professionals, management consultants, marketing and PR professionals, charity workers and students. Individuals in the Sikh Network have an opportunity to fully participate and contribute, especially those who wish to remain in the background and do not belong to any Gurdwara or organisation. It allows and encourages participation on any specific issues or a number of issues without insisting on a ‘all or nothing’ approach. One important factor is that the Network is completely open and does not discriminate or set any pre conditions to either attend or participate. This is a forward thinking strategy to identify, utilise and inform Sikh youth and professional talent without any burden and structures of existing organisations. Aims of the Sikh Network:

1. To develop and launch the Sikh Manifesto

2. To raise awareness of politicians, Gurdwaras and Sikh and non-Sikh voters of the demands set out in the Sikh Manifesto

3. To monitor and take actions at a local, national and European level to ensure progress against the Sikh Manifesto

4. To discuss and agree changes in strategy and approach over the next five years to help deliver the Sikh Manifesto

5. To support and help organise events related to the Sikh Manifesto

6. To utilise each existing organisation’s contacts and members to progress activities. This allows for a flexible and accelerated flow of information, to inform and provide guidance on key activities and actions. The Sikh ManifestoThe Sikh Manifesto is about empowering the UK Sikh community to engage with the UK political system and create partnerships with democratic institutions. The Sikh Network will work with existing organisations that are identified and best placed to deliver these items and monitor progress against the Sikh Manifesto over the next five years and discuss and agree changes in strategy and approach to help deliver against the issues set out.

The 10 points identified in the manifesto have been collated through wide consultation and represent views from across the spectrum.  We hope you have had an opportunity to read the Sikh Manifesto and have started to engage with the Sikh community.

The Sikh Manifesto looks to involve the wider Sikh community with mainstream politics at all levels.  We have done this by identifying real community issues that will resonate with voters above and beyond concerns around the economy, health, education, immigration etc.  Together with the five step election and political engagement strategy set out below we are encouraging open discussions and dialogue with all candidates. 

Five step election and political engagement strategy;

  1. Maximum Sikh voter registration by 20 April 
  1. Read and become familiar with the Sikh Manifesto ( 
  1. Discuss the Sikh Manifesto with all candidates and ask about personal as well as party commitment 
  1. Maximum voter turnout at the General Election on 7 May 
  1. Increase influence by encouraging non-Sikh friends to vote with you 


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