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SignTech Paperless Solution

SignTech Paperless Solution helps you to go paperless anytime anywhere.

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £1,000 with 2 supporters in 130 days

SignTech Paperless Solution

The key question is: how can we reduce the huge number of paper based business activities nowadays?  We thought that it can be done another way, which not only helps save our environment but also helps companies reduce their costs, paper consumption but by creating an easy, modern, technologically advanced method for paperless alternatives.

We have developed a platform which provides a quick and simple way to help large and small organisations go green and paperless in a very short amount of time from start to finish (literally minutes).  The paperless forms are easy to create, quick to deploy and instantly available on any mobile device.

What kind of problem are we solving?

The SignTech paperless platform allows the customers, partners or employees to quickly and easily complete and sign forms using their mobile devices. These signed form are sent back to the owner so they can be processed immediately and all the information gathered on the forms can be integrated directly into any of business systems.

What is the problem with our paper usage today?

Today all kinds of organizations are using too much paper. They have their own system, starting with printing, signing then scanning and storing. It is too much time, cost and energy. Most of them don’t use benefits of technology, so with SignTech the whole process could be simplier.

We have a solved a number of problems including:

  • An end-to-end solution for organisations to instantly create paperless forms that are securely integrated directly to their systems

  • The time it takes to create and install a fully functioning paperless solution

  • The cost involved in going paperless have been brought right down with full returns on investment realised in a matter of months (in most cases within weeks of implementation)

  • Most importatnly we are solving a significant environmental problem that affects us all, this relates to the unecessary wasting of a limited natuaral resource along with the indirect effects such as CO2 emmissions involved in the supply chain and the destruction/recycling processes – all of which can be simply avoided.

Why SignTech is the best solution for any kind of business?

  • Our legally binding touchscreen data capture/entry and e-signature technology lets you complete all the forms you need wherever you need them and obtain a real digital signature anytime, anywhere.

  • The average time taken to convert your forms to paperless business forms using our digital form builder is just 2 hours. Other less efficient products on the market can take more than 9 weeks to achieve the same result!

  • SignTech's digital form builder and paperless business forms technology can create a .pdf formatted document, complete with signature if applicable and send it instantly anywhere in the world.

  • With no more printing, paper and postage costs involved, everybody wins. Overall processing time reduced by 80%, therefore your costs and decreased, profits are enhanced and the environment benefits too!

  • Using SignTech's paperless business solutions technology you can make your forms available on millions of touchscreen devices thus enabling users to complete paperless business forms and sign on the devices' touchscreen. The result - legally bindingsignatures on your paperless business forms in seconds.

Things we achieved in the last six month:

  • We have scaled up our business by creating a self-service facility whereby anyone can logon and instantly convert or create a paperless mobile form without the need for technical knowledge - therefore the rate of uptake and paperless forms is exponential.

  • We have enhanced the features of our mobile app making it the most cost effective, end-to-end service available on the market as well as releasing a new app called SignTech Speedy Sign to compete directly with EchoSign and DocuSign.

  • Having won the MK BizTech Award for 'Best Innovative Use of Technology in Business' we were finalists alongside John Lewis for the MKBAA award for Technology and Innovation - (which is a big achievement for a growing start up with a limited budget).

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