Signal Centaur

Signal Centaur

I am raising funds for my business portfolio at college as well as potentially creating a long-term binary trading signal business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, my name is Ryan.

I am a keen stock investor with nearly two years experience of analysing and trading forex. At the moment I am in college studying Business after previously completing A-Levels which brings me on to my next point. My objective is to create a business based on an industry of my choice, therefore I have chosen the stock trading industry.

My project is based on me providing signals through a messaging app, but eventually a downloadable application for mobile devices, that direct people to make successful trades. Signals are signs based on technical indicators and my analysis of the market to determine a call (buy) or put (sell) option. Binary Options are very simple in terms of stock trading with a simple call or put with an expiry time. You place money down based on my signal and set it to the expiry time I advice to which we sit and wait for potential success. The trading platform I use requires as little as £10 to start and a minimum of £1 per bet as well as a demo account to become familiar with the platform. I am not saying that you will make hundreds at the start but one day, hopefully with my help, you could be earning a considerable amount to free up some time for loved ones, or even some more quality me time!

The reason why I am asking for your investment is because to peform at my highest potential I need subscriptions to chart viewing websites as well as a software creator which should hopefully, once I develop a script could provide up to 600 signals a day sent straight to your phone and email. My aim is to eventually hire people and branch outside of the UK. I know one day I will create this business but with your help I hope to create it as early as possible for your benefit as well as mine. 

For any more questions feel free to contact me at

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you join my team soon.