Help fund a sighted guiding service in Birmingham

by Lydia  in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Help New Outlook set up a volunteer sighted guiding service, so our visually impaired residents can get out and live life to the full!

by Lydia in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Why we need your support….

Every day, thousands of people in Birmingham have to live with the devastating effects of sight loss. There are over 27,000 adults who are registered blind or partially sighted living in the city, a figure which is set to double by 2050.

And the physical loss of sight is just the start – figures show that suffering from a visual impairment leads to depression, loneliness and feeling excluded from society.

Nationally, over 40% of visually impaired people suffer from depression and over 50% of people with sight loss report feeling lonely, isolated and cut off from the people and things around them.

“It’s not just sight loss you suffer, it’s a countless multitude of losses. As well as losing your sight, you also lose people in your life.” (Kevin, from Birmingham)

We at New Outlook in Birmingham are determined to tackle this problem head on.

How we want to help…

A group shot of some of our residents

  • New Outlook is a small housing association and leading sensory care specialist in Birmingham, looking for funding to help our blind and partially sighted residents get out and about on their own terms.
  • We want to raise enough money to recruit and train a dedicated team of volunteers as sighted guides, who could help our visually impaired residents get out regularly, and do the things that they want to do. This might be going to the shops, taking part in social events, or going for walks – things that many of us take for granted.
  • We hope that setting up a volunteer led sighted guiding service will help our visually impaired residents feel less lonely and isolated.
  • We also hope that the service will lead to new friendships being created and residents becoming more active, improving both their physical and mental health.

If we can raise enough money to fund this service, we believe it would provide a real lifeline to our residents, helping them to reconnect with their local community and making them feel like part of society again - but we can’t do this without your help! 

Why are we crowd fundraising?

Les, one of our residents

Les - a New Outlook resident who wants a sighted guide so he can restart his much loved hobby of fishing

  • This vital funding will enable us to provide our visually impaired residents with a brand new service, giving them the freedom to get out and about and live their lives the way they choose.
  • People with sight loss shouldn’t have to rely on statutory services to reduce their isolation and loneliness – they should be able to rely on friends and the local community –with your help we believe we can make this happen.

How will we spend the money?

  • We are looking to fundraise £13,380, to enable us to set-up this new service. Most of the money will be used to recruit, train and manage a team of dedicated volunteers who will support our visually impaired residents through sighted guiding support.
  • A small amount of funds will be used towards publicising the project to people with sight loss and potential volunteers in the local area.

What happens when the funding ends?

Colin, one of our residents

Colin -  a New Outlook resident who wants a sighted guide to start walking in the great outdoors again

  • A key aim is to establish the service as a self-sustaining model. The recruitment of lead volunteers in year one will provide the infrastructure to keep the programme supplied with trained volunteers over the long-term, long after the expiration of the funding.

Thank you for your support!

New Outlook: Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 No.21410R

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