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Sickle Cell Disorders and Creativity Project

by Kush Creative Centre CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to use the creative arts to assist people with Sickle Cell Disorders to express and share their stories within their local community

by Kush Creative Centre CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

The project will aim to impact at least 250 people locally. We will develop a group that consists of 15 – 20 local people who will use various creative tools to share their experiences of living with or alongside Sickle Cell Disorders (SCD). As currently, there are no known creative project that explores the emotional impact of SCD, this will be focus for the project. Where SCD is concerned the emphasis tends to be on the medical consequences of the disorders. Providing a creative voice for those impacted by SCD will attract a wide audience who will be engaged by the subject matter as well as the creative work it will produce.

The project will be year long and divided into two stages.

The first stage will consist of a group of local people who are living with sickle cell disorders, their friends, carers and family members. We want to ensure and recognise families, friends and carers, so that we remain inclusive and allow different perceptive and views to be aired. 

The project will be highly participatory, interactive and empowering; with members deciding on themes, materials and what and how their work will be displayed. It will also engage with multisensory integration; attention, cognitive and emotions of the participants; impacting and improving their overall well-being .  

The second stage will be a collaboration with local libraries to provide a space for the creative work to be exhibited. The work created in the group will form a free public exhibition in local libraries where it will act as a spring board for negotiating a yearly exhibition on the subject of SCD and related matters. This will provide a way of sustaining a presence of the SCD in community spaces. It will allow for local residents and social care providers, such as hospitals, schools and colleges an accessible venue where they can visit the exhibition, reflect on; be educated by and gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of those who are affected by SCD. The exhibition will be held locally and will be widely publicised to attract diverse audiences. There will also be a question and answer session at the exhibition where the audience can ask questions related to the process and art work. 

The funding received will help to provide an alternative way to provide a voice for those impacted by SCD by contributing to the cost of a venue for monthly meetings, employment of two facilitators, volunteers, creative materials, administration, publicity, refreshments and creation of an exhibition of the work carried out by group.

Members of our organisation have lived experience of SCD and are passionate about finding creative ways of supporting and improving the lives of those living with or supporting those who live with SCD.

We believe that people will vote for the project because it’s a unique and creative way of assisting a minority group of people, to be given a voice. Speaking is the frequent mode of communication used for various projects, however, we believe that there are many modes of communication/narrative and the creative arts offers this; by using poetry, painting, spoken word etc. These also act as strong modes of expression. Further, research has shown that there is little or no creative provision for people living with SCD in Camden. It is documented that SCD projects are poorly funded, being able to create this project will go some way to addressing this imbalance. 

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