5 Sick kittens needing intensive care

Five newborn kittens are really sick and in need of intensive care.

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My cat, Kleio,  just gave birth to 5 amazing kittens (four tabbies and one little black one) four weeks ago. Sadly, Kleio caught cat flu last week. Kleio has been treated and is doing well, unfortunately all the kittens have now succumbed to the virus. Two are in a particularly bad state and the rest are marginally better but could well deteriorate.

They are being treated with anti-viral medication and antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections.

I am  currently trying to syringe feed them but it is an almighty struggle, especially given their number and the frequency of feeds required (four a day). The syringe feeding is incredibly difficult as they are not taking to either the syringe or feeding bottle. What little I can get down is painful and distressing to them.

They are very congested so have lost their sense of smell. I have bought a humidifier and take them into a hot, steamy bathroom as often as I can but this hasn't really helped matters .

I have been to the vet's on four occasions in less than a week and the consultations and treatment are proving very expensive. I've spent £800 so far and counting, including seeing the emergency vet. 

Would hugely appreciate any help in getting these little ones back to full health.

Please forgive rushed description: extremely anxious and sleep-deprived, and in the middle of administering meds and trying to feed the litter.

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