A short dark comedy of a man dealing with depression. His outlook to life breaks the mould of what the stigma has brought to this illness

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On 30th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £1,900 with 43 supporters in 42 days

Joshinelli Productions are a startup company looking for lovely people such as yourself to help fund our second film project titled "Showtime". We have just recently cast our two brilliant young leads in David Archer and Amy Wren ("The Last Kingdom", "Silk")

Our short film is based around our main character David, who after several months of battling 'dark thoughts' about suicide is diagnosed with depression.

Through the help of his loving and loyal girlfriend along with his friends, David manages to start getting his life back together.

Instead of a film about depression just looking at the symptoms before diagnosis this is an in depth look at the ongoing struggle people with this illness have to deal with.

In a twist though this is a dark comedy as David's way of looking at life is not just a cliched internal process of solitude.

David views his social interactions as a performance to be given so that no signs of his depressive nature can be seen. He saves that for home when it is just his girlfriend and himself.  

A message from Simon Manley playing the role of Tony -

This is a very personal story I felt that I needed to tell because life isn't always about the down sides, life is worth living for and the world can seem like a dark place but new medicines along with, hopefully short films such as this one. The stigma of people suffering with depression will be more than just "try and look on the bright side"

Having personally being diagnosed 4 years ago with depression this short film helps give a voice to show the world that living with depression doesn't mean we cannot achieve our goals in life, and love.

Shooting in London with some fantastic emerging actors along with a soon to be confirmed name, this film will be entered into the film festival circuit for competition.

The main aims for this project is to both further the talents of the team on board and also spread the word that depression is an illness and not apathy. A chemical in balance of the brain that is manageable through treatment and not a social death sentence.

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