Showing our appreciation and gratitude

by John Yarnold in London, England, United Kingdom

Showing our appreciation and gratitude
We did it
On 5th August 2021 we successfully raised £10,330 with 86 supporters in 28 days

1. To show our appreciation and gratitude to Felix, Isabelle & Nick 2. To support a charity working with today’s refugees in Germany

by John Yarnold in London, England, United Kingdom

We have each brought our stories to the Article 116 Exclusions Group, formed with the common aim of restoring German citizenship rights to our families and to others originally excluded under the German Basic Law, an aim long considered by experts in the field to be unachievable. 

But Felix, Isabelle and Nick did achieve it, and what they have given us is beyond price.  We're keen to acknowledge this, both for our own sakes and for others who will benefit in future

First, we want to express our gratitude and debt to Felix and Isabelle for their perseverance and expertise by funding a voucher for a European break of their choice that helps them recover from their exhausting work. We would also like to express our gratitude to Nick by contributing financially to his academic research. It is proposed that 75% of the crowdfunder will be divided equally between Felix, Isabelle and Nick. 

Second, as descendants of refugees and survivors ourselves, we respect Germany's acceptance in recent years of more than one million people fleeing regions of conflict. We have therefore chosen to make a donation to a refugee charity working in Germany, and we have identified PRO ASYL in support of their outstanding work. This can be seen as establishing appropriate linkage between past and present, so PRO ASYL will receive the remaining 25% of the appeal. Please click over this link to open it: English language site:  is also excellent but not as up-to-date.

Donations to the crowdfunder can be made in any currency using a major credit/debit card. They are not eligible for UK tax concessions so please do not tick the Gift Aid box.

This crowdfunder (no platform fee) has been set up in the name of Group member John Yarnold, whose UK Bank (NatWest) opened a separate personal account (no Bank fee) to receive the total sum donated at the end of the funding period. Transaction fees, including UK VAT, will be paid from another source. The total sum collected will be paid out as described above within a few days, and a closing bank statement will be sent to every Member.

Please do not mention this fundraiser on our Google Group website, Facebook, other social media platform or in communications with Felix, Isabelle or Nick. This needs to come as a surprise!

Thank you so much for your donation in response to this historic event!

Daniel Alberman, Myra Farnworth, Sylvia Finzi, Sally Morgan, Rachel Rodgers, Jackie Steinitz, Dominic Steinitz, John Yarnold

July 2021

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