Showing you another world! Helping children and Turtles.

We are planning on a 2 month trip in Brazil and we want to raise money in order to help the community, and more specifically the children, of the poorest favelas. We would like to help the children to learn English via a project of dance and ideally finishing the time there by taking a group of kids to the Carnival of Rio. After that, we will spend 1 month in Costa Rica where we want to be part of a project to protect and study the sea turtles. Please share this incredible experience with us!

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Hello people!

Here is the story:

Two French girls, one dream and one philosophy: "Its better to do even just a little bit than to watch and do nothing at all!"

It all began two years ago when I went travelling to Brazil. I absolutely loved the experience and was very priveleged to share some incredible moments with the people there. I was amazed by the simple yet skilled way they live their lives, most in severe poverty, but nevertheless their positivity and happinness was inspiring.

Ever since my return I have had a longing to go backand contribute in some way, giving something back to the world.

We have decided to split our trip to South America into two parts, firstly working with children in Brazil, then moving on to work with conservationists in Costa Rica.

In Brazil, we will be working alongside an organisation that provides care and support to the children of the favelas. We will be working every day with a group of children teaching them dance - and bringing them values through dance. This concept is the same as that which is employed by Dance United, an organisation I currently volunteer with as a mentor ( We will then assist in coordinating a trip to take the children to Rio to see the Carnival parade (the 1st day of the Carnival is "children day" (

We will then be going to Costa Rica where we will be volunteering with a turtle conservation project, helping with studies completed there, following the Rangers and also doing hands-on work with the sustainable egg harvesting program (

To help us fulfill this vision, we need your help.

We have each personnally saved the money to pay for our flights and accommodation whilst we are there but the organisations we will be working with need us to assist them with the funding of the projects (and include accommodation in Costa Rica) and this is why we are asking you to contribute towards (a ticket for the Carnival costs £40/person for instance and 2 weeks program in Costa Rica costs £500/pers for 2 weeks)

The work we will be doing has a real effect on the lives of real people in south America and you can be a part of this.

For every person who contributes, no matter the amount, we would like to take your picture and information about you with us, to show those children that people are thinking about them and want to support them

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, any donation would be greatly appreciated.

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