Show the World we CAN be Happy

Show the World we CAN be Happy

Our Wedding

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi all,

We are Bernadette and Graham,

We were due to get maried on 24th June 2017 at 12.15 at Riverside in Burton On Trent.

Unfortunately Everything has come against us. Including Social Workers saying that if Bernadette seperates  myself for 12 months she can have her kids back out of care which everyone is telling her is lies.

Due to all the other hassles we have had especially losing our home and being temporary apart and losing a fair amount of money by having to buy a caravan so that i am not homeless we are now short of the wedding fee.

I have just enough to get the rings sorted but not enough to now fund the actual service which was booked at Christmas time.

So I am pleading for help to fulfil our dream of 8 years to marry,.

Also sadly Bernadette has no one to give her away.

Please help.

Yours Kindly