Show HIV true colors

by Loi Bui in London, England, United Kingdom


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The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for Terrence Higgins Trust, contributing for further support for people living with HIV.

by Loi Bui in London, England, United Kingdom

”You are not you anymore!” “You deserve it!” “My husband will kill me if I ask other people for help” “You have HIV means you are a whore” “You are an addict” “you are dirty!”

Those are just some of many cruel comments that people living with HIV have received.

People living with HIV are dying from being misjudged, guilty, vulnerable, shame and hopeless. They are dying from the feeling of becoming a “monster”, not themselves anymore.

Not only discrimination, Stigma can lead to other serious problems like depression, domestic violence, bullying or even suicide.

People living with HIV may won’t die because of HIV but because stigma is killing them from inside. HIV is not a death sentence, stigma is.

Let's make 'Show HIV true colors' happen

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