Show Bradley we care

Show Bradley we care

Bradley, a vulnerable disabled man was viciously attacked and mugged as he waited for a bus after a day volunteering at a local hospital.

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £280 with 8 supporters in 28 days


Bradley Hannan, a vulnerable disabled man was viciously attacked and mugged as he waited for a bus.

He was set upon by a thug as he stood in Luton Road Chatham Kent in the middle of the afternoon.

Bradley who weighs just six stone, was brutally punched in the head and had his wallet and phone stolen.

Mr Hannan, who has previously battled three brain tumours, had been volunteering all day at a Medway Hospital and had been making his way home when he was assaulted.

His devastated sister, Daniela Golding, highlighted what happened to him on social networking site Facebook.

Mrs Golding, said: “So today my beautiful brave brother - all six stone of him - was dragged up an alley on Luton Road and punched in his precious head, which has already battled three brain tumours, and then mugged him of his wallet with cash and his phone, a Samsung Galaxy s5.

“I am heartbroken because he would not hurt a fly so how anyone can harm him makes me feel sick, he’s been through so much and doesn’t deserve it.

"To the lowlife who did this you might think you're stronger but he’s the strongest person I know and I hope karma gets you bad.”

As the organiser of this page, I don't know Bradley but I do know that he deserves to know how much people care and how we are sickened by this dreadful attack.

I would like to raise £5,000 for Bradley to help show him that caring compassionate people exist and to show him WE APPRECIATE HIM.

Please give whatever you can afford and share this campaign, it could also help bring his attacker to justice.




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