Shout - Matching you with local business owners

Shout - Matching you with local business owners

Our company puts people in touch with local business owners and traders. Consumer gets a good recommendation, businesses gain a reputation

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Shout allows it's users to put a 'shout out' for the thing they want and wait for a local trader to reply with the fee and time frame they can offer. The request from the consumer is sent out to all matched traders within the radius set by us, replies to the job/service request are messaged through Shout and the consumer can view the traders profile/feedback score/comments before accepting their offer.
We aim to solve a problem that affects many communities - that is the support of local businesses, we can all help to improve their reputation and credibility (with our feedback systems) in return giving all users control to choose whichever  skilled professional they want in their area based on thier profile.

Our company is not a directory.. More of a matchmaker between customer and business/trader.

We believe there is huge potential in market not just in the UK but in other countries too. With the likes of Yell and Local Directories becoming a thing of the past, people like to find services and products with convenience and speed. We would target all small to medium businesses of all trades to sign up to the service. Customers using the site to 'shout out' would primarily be male and female aged between 24 and 49 yrs old.  Our USP is that we welcome businesses of all categories to sign up.