Shorties - pocketbooks for commuters

Shorties - pocketbooks for commuters

Pocketbooks for commuters

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Tired of the Metro?

No newspapers, big reads or waffling texts. Not another advert  riddled magazine to form a barrier between you and the next passenger. Maybe;  a book. 

Whimisical little extracts from the classics you loved as a child. Snippets from classics you missed reading as a child. 

Fancy science fiction, historical fiction  and engaging new fiction beautifully curated in a handy little pocketbook.

Try our shorties.

Available on kindle - smaller than a penguin read and small enough to slip into your pocket.

Help us make this a reality.

To begin with,  we want to start with a trial across stations and bus stops across bexley borough between July and August 2018. This will give us the figures and qualitative feedback needed to continue fundraising to expand or amend the project. We intend to keep advertising minimal, high grade and affordable and hope that advertising alone will reduce running costs to a minimum.


There are two forms of advertising 

Product adverts - maximum of 6 full pages

Book Advertising - New Releases 

(Read before you buy strategy)


Printing - mainly high cost at the moment - minimum of £2.15 per pocketbook. We are looking to reduce this £1 per book where possible and with volume printing to £0.75 per pocketbook. This is only feasible if we are able to cover a  much larger target area.

Fundraising Organisation - Incillation Ltd