Ship purchase, restore and bussiness

by Gareth Ian Davies in Saron, Wales, United Kingdom

Ship purchase, restore and bussiness
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have a sea Ancestry my family sailing all over the world. I want to purchase a ship restore it and open a business.

by Gareth Ian Davies in Saron, Wales, United Kingdom

I have recently felt a calling to go to sea, i also researched my family history and we have had many ships (schooners) i'd like to purchase a more modern ship around the same size restore it and then open a bussiness i'd like to call it after my mother leaving her name in history, at the moment iam still looking after my dad who is house bound and 90yrs in age suffering with a long list of ailments including cancer he is also a veteran from 1950's iam qualified in engineering and electronics but unable to work as iam a non professional carer 24hrs a day 7 days a week for last 5 years. the restoration will be videoed and shown on youtube but this wont be the main business the business idea is a unique brilliant idea and think it would really work or i wouldent ask.  I dont think i would have a chance to start this bussiness or another after looking after my parents because i dont have any capital as i used it to start my bussineess before my parents became ill.  Iam a christian and hope you find this a good idea to support thank you for your help.

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