Shine and Be Seen - Helen's Photography Project

Help me show the joyful expression, the dynamic power and the blissful tenderness that can be experienced in Vital Danza using photographs.

We did it!

On 16th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £550 of £500 target with 20 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

I will use any extra donations towards buying a new battery powered speak system to use during my new session Dance for Joy in Nature at the Yoga Garden, Storrington.

Project aim

To fund professional photographs showing the joyful expression, the dynamic power and the blissful tenderness that can be experienced in Vital Danza.

About the project

After 5 years of spreading health and happiness through Vital Danza I AM NOW READY to attract a whole new crowd of people to this fun and liberating system of personal growth.  I wish to share the incredible benefits I have gained from this system of guided-dance with a wider audience.


I am creating a website and have been studying some marketing techniques. The question I keep asking myself is "how do I describe the expereince of Vital Danza in a clear and concise way?"

The answer BY USING IMAGES. For a picture speaks a 1,000 words  So I am asking for your support.

Inspired by Amanda Palmer and her work on the Art of Asking Amanda's TED talk.  I am turning to my crowd/community to ask for £500 to pay for two professional photography shoots and a new super dooper so I can record my own video clips

I feel my crowd includes YOU and anyone who believes that life is meant to be joyful and that we can create a happier and healthier society through building loving connections with those around us. 


I have already chosen the photographers:

  • Charles Yacoub - Who took some gorgeous pictures of a tango teacher I know


I'd Like Lynda to up-date my head replace this one!!


And I'd like Charlie to capture the movement of Vital Danza.

 What is Vital Danza/Vital Development?

For those of you who don't know - Vital Danza is a dance class with a difference: There are NO STEPS to learn.

It is light-hearted, interactive ad gently transformative.  Participants are guided through a range of exercises designed to promote vitality, joy and creativity.  Benefits from attending sesions include; feeling more ease in your body, increased self-confidence and improved relationships.

It is taught and practices all over the world. Created by Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Matteo.


Who is Helen Thatcher?

Helen is a warm and welcoming facilitator with over 13 years expereince of leading groups.  She is very motivating and has a postive, humorous approach.  Her sessions are relaxed and enjoyable.

I offer regular groups around Sussex, also specialising in adapting the exercises for elderly clients and adults with learning difficulties.



"Helen is an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air.  I was made to feel instantly welcome and gained a sense of belongly. Helen guided us to get in touch with ourselves, connect with others and be in the present moment.  I came away feeling relaed, invigorating and full of joy"  A.M Horsham

"I had no idea what to expect when I turned up for my first Vital Danza session with Helen, but after just a few months it has gone well beyond what I could have imaged. I have been amazed how this gentle and joyful practice has impacted on and hugely improved my quality of life. My anxiety has diminished and I feel so much more confident to try new things. I would recommend anyone to give it a try." P.N. Brighton

For more inforation about me you can go to My Blog and to explore the world of Vital Danza click the link!

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