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My aim is to convey that time is limited and it is something we should treasure, Appreciate the loved ones in your life and address identity

by Quyen in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


Jay Li is sleeping over at his granddad house and throughout the next three days, his granddad attempts to reconcile with Jay in an attempt to pass on his morals and values. However, Jay doesn’t want to anything with his grandfather as he spites his grandfather for leaving when his father died a year ago. Towards the end of the film, Jay begins to become more sensitive and open to his grandfather, only to have a realisation, appreciation and understanding for what his grandfather was trying to instill onto him at the end.


Making a short film can be quite costly and we will be putting our own money into the project as we believe this film has fantastic potential to be excellent and original. To be able to make the short film outstanding, we thought about contacting professional actors in the industry whom have a lot of experience on television or films. This will bring our film to life as it will make it more realistic, believable and feel humanistic. We are currently under process of achieving the best of actors for our roles through different sources. Additionally, we are finding the best location to film at and planning to use the resources to create a extensive production design that is immersive for the audience . With the main filming within a household, we have to ensure the entire set is unique to the viewers. If you believe in our film, we promise to do their upmost best to deliver a breathtaking outcome which you will be glad to be a part of. 


Firstly, the main focus is on British asian families in the United Kingdom. I believe there is a lack of Asian representation in British television and worldwide. Therefore with this short film we hope to create more stories around Asian characters who don't have to fill typical stereotypes. 

Secondly, as a young adult growing up in London. I had access to many things that my parents didn't back in their home country. I believe as our society becomes more media and technology saturated, we become less empathic and unable to maintain conversations or bonds with one another. This results in being unappreciative and undervaluing time, taking for granted what we have such as our parents.  This short films is inspired by a loss of a grandparent or parent and the many times I have talked back to my parents when I was clearly in the wrong. 'Shijian' teaches us to value time because it is so limited and appreciate the little things. As no one wants to live with regret, spend time wisely either chasing your dream, living your best life or creating more emotional memories with those important people around you.




Quyen is a freelance videographer with skills in every section of filmmaking from pre production to post. He hopes to aspire to produce meaningful films to exceed expectations and make a difference by highlighting social issues in today’s world. 

“Working on this project 'Shijian', focuses on the very humanistic characteristic of empathy. As we explore this theme within the film, we touch upon identity, isolation, time and the impacts of bereavement within the film. I am very excited to spearheading this project as I strongly believe in the short film's goals and can't wait to make a film that leaves the audience emotional and heavily influenced by our story".



Jeremie is a British cinematographer from Coventry, United Kingdom. He is currently in his third year at Coventry University studying for his bachelor’s degree in Media Production. He has a great eye for detail especially when it comes to composition and lighting. And a keen interest in consuming contents covering people, social issues and identity. With his extensive knowledge of cinematography, he hopes a visually astounding film.



Victoria is a young professional in Audiovisual Media, specialising in production design and post-production. Had a wide range of experience from organising the art exhibitions to working for a fashion magazine “Schön!” (Based in London). Her creative vision and attention to details are essential skills for the production. Victoria always dedicate the time fully to each project, in order to be completely satisfied with the end result.



Ieva is experienced and technically skilled Audio engineer. Mostly working with filmmakers and music producers, creating foley sound effects and mixing and recording sounds. For the short film, Shijian Ieva is dedicated to bringing her visions and techniques to ensure the highest quality standards.

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