Transform our boring tarmac playground

by Friends of Shield Road School in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Our KS2 children just have a tarmac playground & one climbing wall between 120 children, with conflicts playing sports. Please help them!

by Friends of Shield Road School in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Our playgrounds are bland & uninteresting: a tarmac rectangle. What markings are there are very faded, despite the children’s attempts to brighten things up with chalk, it is an uninspiring place to play.

With this project we aim to transform our uninspiring tarmac school playground into an area that encourages play using floor markings to create challenges and games. We want to inspire our pupils to be active, to challenge themselves, build self confidence and analytical skills. It is well known that physical activity helps to improve fitness but it also leads to improved motor skills, better thinking & problem solving, improved attention & learning.

Shield Road Primary School is a school that wants every child to achieve their best & to enjoy their time at school. The Headteacher Mr Mepham says “We are as committed to developing children’s confidence and emotional well-being and developing their social skills as we are with their maths and English.” He has often spoken to the Friends of Shield Road (our PTA) about improving play opportunities across the whole school.

With this money we will install a fitness trail, games and update faded sports court lines. We have already obtained quotes for these. Every little donation will be used for this purpose and will help us gift the children a proper place to play with a huge impact on their wellbeing. Please also consider using your vote in the linked Aviva fund to help raise the funds.

Watch our short video made by our year 6 children to hear it in their own words.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Gift us £500 or more and we will create a plaque with your company, personal or a relatives name in memorandum of the help you gave us - to be placed in the playground upon completion.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Gift £50 and a child in our school will make you a unique thankyou card sent in the regular post worldwide.

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