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We did it!

On 8th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £7,270 of £7,000 target with 211 supporters in 32 days

New stretch target

We here at She Who Knows are thrilled to have reached our target of £7,000, it's a great feeling and with it comes relief and a sense of mid-winter rest. We know now that post our December hibernation period there are funds secured to enable the creative journey ahead of creating both a magazine and a website that accurately reflect what we offer as a resource for women. 

We are still live on Crowdfunder for the next 24 hours and there is the opportunity to stretch our target to raise further funds to be channelled into expert marketing support once we have birthed the new brand of She Who Knows. 

Please help us reach that extra mile for £8,000 and secure these funds to bridge out into the world. All your support deeply felt and appreciated. 

Thank you :)

Thank you each and every one for your donations to our Crowdfund, the journey has been hugely successful and has opened many doors, thank you for being apart of making this possible, we rise by lifting others. For those that pledged for rewards, If you have not already, you will receive your reward very soon or an email acknowledgement of when and how to claim yours.

Wishing you all the deepest of rest and nourishment this mid-winter xx

Lets always rise by lifting others :)


* Please note - for shipping outside of the UK please add extra postage & packaging(refer to FAQ nº1 on how to do this). 

275e371d03f64728def27fd85fbe2f9e01b98d09At a time in history when strong women’s leadership is emerging across the world stage, we at She Who Knows seek to document this movement and to fuel its momentum with rich and varied resources from today’s women.

We are raising funds to enable us to work with a designer to increase the accessibility of the magazine and its website, to create a brand that contains the integrity, heart and substance of these pages and delivers them to a wider audience of women. We are also raising funds to secure our winter print run, marketing support, think tanks and advertising costs post Re-brand.



Mainstream media is failing to give an accurate account of the huge rise in women taking a stand in protection of Life, nor is it exposing the roots of the destructive system that perpetrates and feeds much of the abuse that women suffer. With the current political climate, environmental crises and a world culture where patriarchal domination and sexual violence towards women is still rife, there is an urgent need to build connection and strength both within and between women, girls and the many organizations that are emerging at this time, and to strengthen women’s confidence in their own voice and agency, and their capacity to act as vehicles and inspiration for the changes we need to see in the world.


The movement of women’s rise in global leadership is inspirational. Social media can offer remedy to the lack of reporting by mainstream media but only if women are accessing the relevant information. At SWK, we collate a genuine reflection of the numerous faces of this ever-expanding movement. Inspirational stories on paper that women can hold in their own hands, a magazine that is both an artwork and a wealth of knowledge from a rich variety of sources.



Although She Who Knows magazine's legal status is that of a limited company, it has always been sustained by the energy and commitment of two women, Cheryl Tipple-Trepat and Isabella Lazlo, who have worked on it, day after day, and given their time freely because they wholeheartedly believe in its message, its meaning and its essential role in today's world.

‘Our vision is to reach into the hearts and lives of women the world over who are ready and hungry for something just like our magazine that is integral and honest and speaks to the heart of what it is to be a woman today.’


94eb9668d88e18e60f2b6fe60f871249ca5d8681She Who Knows is born out of deep reverence for women and the earth

07765d1e044e103a125dedb076e6f81e4cff4bcfSWK's is created to nourish, inspire and connect women

c2bb25385576cf4c42532315238063a8ed96a3a2We are passionate about creating new maps and pathways for girls and women, maps of healing that bring us home to our true agency and leadership.

2f231c469bc1a8a3f5897c588ca014cc7e8eb0c2We see all women as daughters of the earth and know that as we restore women to their rightful place of honour and dignity within society, we also restore humanity's right relations with the earth

fcf92d283418ebb5479897e3ee9262c562e0691dWe are committed to the work of creating a new co-creative partnership between men and women, one that puts life and the children at the centre.



We need your help to take the next necessary steps in reaching our wider audience. Please pledge your support today and help make a life-affirming, inspirational women’s magazine a reality for women and girls the world over. 

Just think of the hearts we can touch together x


Check out our rewards list as we have some beautiful gifts for the women in your life including our sustainable gift box containing all 12 editions of She Who Knows – a treasure trove of wisdom and insight celebrating women and our cycles.


She’ pendant made exclusively by BoneSong for our She Who Knows readers, a pendant woven with her own affirmation to remind us all to live from our connected womb knowing. Be one of the first to adorn yourself with these beautiful pendants, we have the first 10 ‘She’ pendants hot out of the kiln. [SOLD OUT]

Winter 2017 - Edition 12 – here in our winter edition we feature the inspirational and essential work of Polly Higgins, sharing the launch of Mission LifeForce, an initiative that allows us all to become trustees of the Earth. Sophie Jane Mortimer and Clare Dubois of Treesisters sharing their A Billion trees campaign, reforesting the tropics as we grow our global sisterhood. Author of the Boudica series Manda Scott writes on the rise of Artificial Intelligence and so much more from our many wonderful regular contributors. 


"Boe Huntress Concert" – an Imbolc concert with the wonderful, rising feminine voice of Boe Huntress in aid of our  Crowdfunder!!! Be sure to pledge for your ticket early as we intend for these to sell out in the next few days!

Her Body Speaks’ – a luscious day for women (10th Feb, Rattery, Devon · 1 pm – 10 pm) – We will begin with a gentle afternoon journeying into the soft Earth of our bodies, releasing the busyness of today’s world and arriving in the space together. From here we will witness each other in whatever wants to unfold, holding space for the wisdom of our bodies to speak. After a deeply sustaining afternoon, we will be further nourished by the divine food of Donna Moon of HealThySelf. And then into the evening with gentle creative sharings, meditation and dance, completing our day deep in ourselves and in connection with each other.


‘Dear Sisters, in the depth of our dark days, I will be serving a unique blend of immunitea herbs and spices, followed by a macrobiotic/Ayurvedic style nourishing bowl of yum, to warm you to the core. To complete the experience of sensual blessing from our MAMA, I will be providing raw chocolate truffles with a warming golden Mylk, filled with fresh turmeric, ginger and black pepper.  – Donna Moon


She Who Knows magazine for women is unique in that it creates a platform where women’s authentic voices can be heard, where the web of sisterhood across the globe is strengthened, and where women’s resolve to bring their unique gifts through is affirmed as essential. Each edition is a melting pot of creativity by a number of different women. Not only those writing about their fields of experience and expertise but also the poets, painters, dancers, bead makers, dreamers and storytellers of our world. Although we are a woman’s magazine, lots of men are equally refreshed, informed and inspired by these pages.

In the future when SWK is generating profit, these funds will be invested into the essential work of supporting teenage girls, on all levels of their health and wellbeing. We also will be investing in supporting women to grow the solid ground needed to take our place in the world at this time and ultimately we hold the vision that the groundwork will be strong enough so that we can incorporate men’s work and men working with boys as a symbiotic enquiry to address the common struggles in relationships. As well as supporting the work of organisations like Survival International, TreeSisters, Ecocide Law, Womankind and other such organisations that work in service of a restorative society.



1. Which countries can you ship rewards to?

Rewards include delivery to UK addresses, but you can pay a little extra to have your parcel delivered elsewhere. 


Due to the weight difference between rewards, each one has a slightly different postage price. Please check the reward description for the final postage cost & add this amount with the "Pledge More" option after selecting your reward. 

  • Step 1. Click on the Reward (This will direct you to your cart).
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  • You are good to go!

Check which zone your country is in here or get in touch at

2. When will I  receive my reward?

Most of the rewards will be sent in December. "Her Body Speaks – A delicious day for women" will happen in February and the one-off treatments ("Two hour Gold Womb Whispering" & "Homecoming") can be claimed when one wants! 

4. Can I pledge on more than one reward?

You can choose as many rewards as you like! You will need to make a new separate pledge for each reward. If you get stuck, you can message for help.

3. Can I pledge anonymously?

You can opt to hide your name from other supporters list by ticking the relevant box when you make your pledge. Don't worry, we will still be able to see your details. 

If you are ordering a reward as a gift, this could be a great option.

Get in touch with us at if you have any other questions.


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