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SHEroes (mentoring project for young women)

by Hannah Oyewole in London, England, United Kingdom

SHEroes (mentoring project for young women)


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The project aims to help young women from disadvantaged backgrounds develop finance and enterprise skills alongside positive role models.

by Hannah Oyewole in London, England, United Kingdom


Young Ladies Club is a charity organisation which aims to raise aspirations in disadvantaged young women to achieve their education and career potential by providing mentoring, confidence building activities and career workshops from positive role models.

Our Vision

Young Ladies Cub envisions a world where young women’s socio-economic background does not impact educational and career outcomes.

Our Programmes 

Young Ladies Club provides a different range of programmes which includes: 

1. Mentoring Programme

Young Ladies Club partners with schools to support young women aged 12-15 who are referred to us for the following reasons:

1. Low socio economic background
2. Low attainment
3. Lack of role models
4. Challenging behaviour/engagement
5. Low confidence/ self esteem

2. Employability and Skills Programme

Young Ladies Club develops young women’s skills and talent through our employability and skills programme to lead them to a better future in life.
We deliver our programme to young women who are:

1. Recent graduates 

2. Current students 

3. Long term unemployed 

4. NEET's 

3. Personal Development Programme

Young Ladies Club personal development programme enables young women to develop their confidence and self-esteem through a variety of workshop and activities. The sessions young women participate in during the programme are:

1. Vision Board Workshop
2. Goal Setting & Motivation
3. Career Development
4. Creative Activities
5. Relationship Building

Our Project

Our project SHEroes is a  project which aims to help young women from disadvantaged backgrounds develop finance and enterprise skills alongside positive role models. 

The workshops will host inspirational speakers who work in the finance sector. In addition to this the workshops will focus on the following areas; 

Understanding Money; This workshop will help young women understand what money is, the functions of money and the relationship young women have with money. 

Budgeting; This  workshop will help young women develop budgeting skills and help them to differentiate between their needs and their wants. 

Savings; This workshop will help young women develop good money habits through saving their money. In addition to this,  young women will learn more about the banking sector, particularly bank accounts/savings accounts and also overdrafts and savings plans for the future. 

Why does this workshop matter?

The workshop matters because 64% of young people get their first bank or building society account before they start secondary school, and financial choices faced by young people will likely be more challenging than for past generations.

If we are to help future generations manage their finances well, young people need high-quality financial education so that they can make informed choices and take responsibility for their actions. Young people also bear more financial risk in adulthood due to a decrease in welfare benefits, increased life expectancy and uncertain economic and job prospects. 

Enterprise is also an important skill for young women to possess, as it provides a positive outlook and an ability to see the glass half full rather than half empty, and is a valuable attribute for their whole life. 

With your help Young Ladies Club has the opportunity to bring this project  to a new group of young women.

How can you help?

We need to raise £5,000 which will enable us to deliver our project. If you are passionate about improving the lives of young women, please make a donation. 

We also know that publicity is crucial to this campaign so please share on your social media channels. 

Twitter: @youngladiesclub 

Facebook: Young Ladies Club 

Instagram: @YoungLadiesClub

What’s in it for you?

If this project is successful, it will make a real and lasting difference to the lives of young women. Your support will ensure that we can start changing lives and creating futures.

In return for your contribution there are various rewards.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A heartfelt thank you email from founder of Young Ladies Club Hannah Oyewole.

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