Sheriff Design Upgrade

Sheriff Design Upgrade

Raising money for a computer upgrade to facilitate better workflow, improved products and expand my skill set.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In 2011, whilst working for a small print firm, I suffered a major nervous breakdown due mainly to pressures within my working environment. During my recovery I made the decision to become freelance and work from home. I set up with an old Mac and some very old software.

Just over 5 years later and things have been mighty successful. My work returns a profit each year and my health is in a mostly stable condition. However, the time to evolve has presented itself.

My current computer is beginning to show the strain of technological advance. Speed is not it's best attribute and as such I'm looking to upgrade my workstation in order to fall in line with newer software and high performance design. I'm getting increasing requests for website builds and animation projects, neither of which are effectively done with my current machinery.

Due to my marriage in May next year, I have limited funds for expansion. I'm planning on a £17,000 upgrade to meet standards. Of which I only have £5000 at my disposal, which is why I'm reaching out for assistance.