Shepherds and Woodmans hut production

Shepherds  and Woodmans hut production

I am making these traditinal huts for sale or lease and my own stay over in the New Forest 

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am making these traditinal huts for sale, lease and my operation in the New Forest 

I am looking for funding to go to the next step of the business,

Each hut is totally unique, I use locally grown douglas fir which is processed by a local sawmill.

The size you see is the 3.6 meter. it will be equipped with a woodburning stove.

Space for a double bed and basic furniture.

They are designed and built to be occupued.

Message me for more pictures

The larger huts will have a small bathroom which will include a shower toiliet and sink.

Each hut can be built to many different specifations, including double doors, different roof colors small kitchen

Each can be suite ,  B&B  glamping , extra room for the house, office, kids room media room or even a bar and dining room 

I use a mix of old and new in the building process. 

Each unit is built on a rigid ladder frame to give support. I use a damp proof membrain which covers the hut completly. then clad with weatherboard. this is treated with a UV protection which enhances and preservers the wood

I have up-cycled as much as possible this includes the wheels and and windows,

I prefer to call my huts rustic as they all have a unique soul

My aim is produce one hut every 2/3 weeks to supply to private individuals and camping and galmping and B&B  

As you can see there is a lot of work that goes into each item. I have been making furniture for the last 3 years so this is a natural step forward 

 A nights stay is approx £90

2 day stay approx £160

7 days approx £550

Seeps 2 prices will be more for the larger units  (dogs welcome)

Dates TBA


 The funding required

I need to develop a website, print full colour brouchers,  purchase some additional production equipment including scoffold tower tooling and transporting the huts

I also plan to have a unique 3 hut showroom(iopen air) where potential customers can stay overnight if required to test the huts out

The price for a basic hut starts at £7500 this will rise depending on the size and fittings included

Feel free to ask any questions if you want you can come and vist I am in the middle of the New Forest