#Free The Animals

Raise Awareness and Save Animals from Suffering Being Burnt and Poisoned, also build a shelter on a donated piece of land by the government.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Animal cruelty is still rampant in Somaliland and  in other countries in Africa, Countless cases against such pitiful animals have been brought to the attention of many people of high authority however they dont seem to care which is why we must raise awareness for the piteous animals of Africa. Numerous uploads of people abusing animals have been making the rounds of social media. But only a few have been taken seriously. As a nation, we need to raise awareness on animal cruelty. Millions of people are supporting and are aware of animal protection, yet some are not. Many people are either uneducated on the issue or choose to disregard the millions of accounts on animal cruelty that happen each day.

Animal cruelty comes in many forms. Along with physical violence, it may also include the following: 


hoarding of animals unable to provide proper food and water for animals, poor protection from the weather untidy environment. 


Most of the time, these conditions may lead to slow, painful death of the animal.


Animals are put in horrifying conditions that some cannot even imagine; torturing dogs. Animals of every species deserve to be treated right! They feel just like humans do and do not ever deserve the abuse that many go through. The number of animal cruelty cases that are reported in the media are only a portion of the cases that exist. Most severe and cruel cases are never reported.

The treatment of animals in Somaliland has notoriously been very cruel and corrupt, which cast a negative light on Somaliland' positive reputation as a nation of kindness and the first impression of our country musnt be the physical abuse shown to the animals of Africa.

There are cases of people involved in committing crimes against animals and are taken lightly,  we will raise awareness of crimes committed against helpless animals, and also educate the animal cruelty offenders.

Animal cruelty is serious, tragic, and often preventable.





Please do watch the uploaded video clip of dogs rounded up, thrown in a pit and burnt alive.

 i hope this short reminder on the suffering animals  is enough for you to have a sudden change of heart and donate to a fund which will all be spent towards helping the poor