Art for social justice - let's create change!

by SHELBY x Studios in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Help to build a community of creativity, learning and positivity, using art to address social injustice.

by SHELBY x Studios in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Currently working on this project for free, an additional £2,800 would help to pay me part-time for the first two months and commission eight artists to work on the first eight weeks worth of newsletter content.

SHELBY x Studios merges art and activism, providing a unique online platform to make social justice campaigning more accessible.

It offers sound advice to support us in navigating social injustice in this time of information overload. It guides us through tough times, helping us to keep our heads up!

A brand new, free, weekly newsletter will bring you the freshest content from the biggest names in art activism to undiscovered, underground artists. A dose of positivity delivered straight to your mailbox! Art, infographics and visual notes will help people connect with issues they care about and learn about new topics.

We will also be creating exclusive motivational merchandise for all you revolutionaries and rebels. So you can represent the issues you care about, whilst helping to fund them at the same time.

It doesn't stop at educational resources and merchandise, we're planning BIG THINGS like residential programmes, online 'how to' courses, a podcast and an international 'artivism' mural festival. Follow our journey.

SHELBY x Studios is a social enterprise, reinvesting all profits back into the project to commission more amazing 'artivists'. But we need your support to kick start it and make it a reality.

I am asking for your support to cover the initial set-up costs, as well as, the first series of merchandise. Your contribution makes it possible to launch this much needed platform for art for social justice.

Your donation will cover:

  • Equipment & software
  • Building the SHELBY x Studios website
  • Creating the first series of limited edition merchandise


Many people find it hard to participate in typical activist settings due to disability, location, age, childcare responsibilities, unsocial working hours, or just not knowing where to start. SHELBY x Studios is all about making activism accessible. 


The isolation we are going through as a result of COVID19 is an insight into the access barriers some people face everyday. Now more than ever, we need a community where we support one another and promote the rights of those marginalised in society. SHELBY x Studios will help build this community.


Sometimes the world can seem like an overwhelming place. Extreme poverty, discrimination, systemic racism, environmental crisis, the list goes on. SHELBY x Studios will help us connect with other people fighting for social justice. Uplifting artwork and campaign success stories will reignite our faith that change is possible.


It can be hard to sift through the millions of daily news updates and social media alerts. Art can offer new perspectives, make things relatable and turn complex information into easily digestible visuals. SHELBY x Studios will make space for conversations that encourage learning and growth. 


Walking in the footsteps of 'artivists' such as Emory Douglas, Sylvia Pankhurst and Frida Kahlo, this project will organise in communities, promote the rights of those facing oppression and allow us to participate in concrete ways. SHELBY x Studios will commission artists championing the rights of working class, disabled, LGBTQ+ people, and those raising awareness of anti-colonial, anti-racist and indigenous social movements.

SHELBY x Studios will not only support artists and activists, but anyone feeling disillusioned by injustice in the world. Join the movement!

SHELBY x Studios is rooted in creating a legacy for my dad, who I lost to cancer as a teenager. He was an inspiring community activist who fought police brutality, poor housing, and the hostile environment faced by refugees and migrants in Hackney, London. He took an educational and creative approach, bringing communities together to take collective action. The name for this project combines a family name from my dad’s side, Shelby, X which represents collaboration, and Studios, a space for creativity.

I understand the power of art to bring communities together, make information accessible, inspire change and above all spread positivity!

An activist before I could walk and a politically conscious artist in my own right, I have produced art for groups such as Justice for Grenfell, Women Against Rape, ACORN and Sisters Uncut.

Five years as the Creative Director of a youth arts organisation, saw me support creative entrepreneurs to make their ambitions a reality. I have run large-scale community arts programmes, painted murals across Europe and implemented exciting arts events. Last summer, I delivered an art x activism project for international artist and activist, Yoko Ono, working with over 35 artists.

The combination of my experience as an activist, an artist and a social entrepreneur, perfectly positions me to understand the needs and bring together other campaigners and creatives. I am passionate about bringing this project to life and creating lasting social impact!

Above all, you get to be one of the first people to contribute to an exciting new movement of creative campaigners, using art to make social change!

PLUS +++ exclusive access to juicy limited edition rewards (shown on the left or below if on a mobile) including:

Please note: designs may change very slightly to the above images.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Protest colouring sheet

As a thank you, we'll send you a copy of our 'What Are you Fighting For?' protest colouring sheet. PLUS + post your completed version, tag @shelbyxstudios on instagram and be in with a chance of winning a free limited edition print!

£10 or more

12 of 100 claimed

Sticker Pack

Limited edition SHELBY x Studios sticker pack. 3 x high-quality, large stickers include: our brand new logo, our leopard mascot and our sun symbolising hope and the dawning of a new era!

£15 or more

13 of 50 claimed

Golden leopard enamel pin

Get one before they're gone! These rare, golden, leopard enamel pins are a symbol of resistance, uniqueness and elegance in the face of adversity. Wear your power with pride.

£15 or more

19 of 50 claimed

Screen printed tea towel

Jazz up your kitchen with this high-quality, screen printed tea towel. Adorned by the SHELBY leopard and palm trees in a fresh, mint green, repeat pattern. With sleeve packaging these make the ideal gift too.

£20 or more

24 of 50 claimed

Limited edition A4 screen print

Get your hands on one of our limited edition A4 prints. Screen printing is a process that uses layers of vibrant colours to make one-of-a-kind prints. Pick your option: 1: 'Educate to Liberate' / 2: 'Keep Ya Head Up' / 3: 'All Power to the People' (I will do my best to match your requests.)

£35 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Limited edition A3 screen print

Grab one of our prints in an even bigger and better A3 size. Screen printing is a process that uses layers of vibrant colours to make one-of-a-kind prints. Pick your option: 1: 'Educate to Liberate' / 2: 'Keep Ya Head Up' / 3: 'All Power to the People' (I will do my best to match your requests.)

£50 or more

1 of 15 claimed

LEOPARD BUNDLE: A3 print + leopard enamel pin

Raaahh! This bundle gives you a juicy, limited edition, screen print AND a golden leopard enamel pin. Check out the 3 x design options in the print reward info above and I'll do my best to match your request.

£50 or more

6 of 15 claimed

KITCHEN BUNDLE: A3 print + tea towel

Turn up the heat! This bundle gives you a juicy, limited edition, screen print AND a screen printed tea towel adorned by the SHELBY leopard & palm trees in mint green. Check out the 3 x design options in the print reward info above and I'll do my best to match your request.

£75 or more

5 of 15 claimed

BIG BUNDLE: Print+Leopard pin+Teatowel+Stickers

Can't decide? This BIG BUNDLE gives you all the goodies - an A3 limited edition screen print AND a golden leopard enamel pin AND a screen printed tea towel in mint green with a leopard & palm tree repeat pattern AND an exclusive sticker pack! Check out the 3 x design options in the print reward info above and I'll do my best to match your request.

£105 or more

1 of 15 claimed

PRINT BUNDLE (All 3 limited edition A3 prints)

Need some artwork to brighten up your home? This PRINT BUNDLE offers you all three of our screen prints (one-of-a-kind printing method using vibrant pink, turquoise and metallic gold!) No need to choose between the options because you will get the 'Educate to Liberate' + 'Keep Ya Head Up' + 'All Power to the People' designs!

£125 or more

3 of 5 claimed


For £125 I will design your very own, unique A3 print! Or for £500 you'll get a set of four bespoke A3 pieces to brighten up your walls and lift your spirits. £600 will get you a mural (up to 4 ft square) designed and painted especially for your space including all the materials! Just add the amount in the donation to fit your request and I'll send you further details.

£250 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Bespoke one-page infographic

Helping you communicate your social impact is what SHELBY does best. We take complex information like data and stats and transform it into visually appealing graphics that will engage your audience and help you shout about what you do! If you're doing amazing work with social impact, why not commission your very own infographic?

£500 or more


Want all three print designs AND all the goodies (colouring sheet + stickers + leopard pin + tea towel) PLUS that fuzzy feeling from donating to a project that you really believe in? Donate £500+ and you'll become a SHELBY x Studios patron for life. You'll be the first to hear our successes and any exclusive SHELBY updates! Plus we'll love you forever, ever.

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