We would like to raise funds to help us develop a social platform which will innovate ways by which its users may make a living worldwide.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

SHEL-A is a visual social media platform designed to encourage, individuality,  creativity, productivity and ultimately employment through the use of a Personal Video Resumes (PVRs). SHEL-A  intends to modernise the way individuals and businesses connect, by streamlining  the recruitment process through the medium of video  media. It connects everyday people to opportunities never before so easily accessible. Whether you are looking for a job or offering your services, this platform is designed for any employable individual regardless of background or culture. The people will decide the direction of the platform.

SHEL-A will target the work force, focussing on those already heavily invested in social networking using a variety of mediums such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops  and other hand held devices.  In essence,  anyone eligible to work legally within their  country can create their own opportunities. It amalgamates the power of video platforms such as youtube, the employment options of platforms like Linkedin and peoplleperhour and delivers an outstanding visual alternative. The platform will be able to connect individuals to potential markets and employers at the swipe of a finger or click of a button.  The platform offers the employer or potential customer an opportunity to see their potential supplier before actually meeting the individual. 

With SHELA, anyone can create a service and offer it to the public, in a secure and controlled environment. We have identified a gap in the market that has not yet been fully explored which has the potential to create a huge community of followers who would benefit monetarily, by direct and indirect participation. The rise in the number of social platforms shows the appetite for such projects. The usage of apps and sites such as live video shows that the public is ready for more video based platforms.

What does your participation mean?

With your help we want to produce the research and campaigning tools that our project needs and have  been asking for - and take the campaign to a whole new level.

We will research and publish a list of the major Sun, Daily Mail,  Daily Express advertisers, bloggers and social media giants. Shel-a will produce stickers, posters, t-shirts and info packs to enable supporters to raise awareness of the campaign, within their local community. We intend to launch our biggest video campaign yet, including high impact advertising where brands and the public will be sure to see it and tell everyone we are here to create opportunity.

We want to change the employment model and become the leading recruitment option in social media. Everyone supporting our project will be rewarded in some shape or form, by the knowledge that you were a part of this social change phenomenon. When we make it to the next level you can be properly rewarded - at a time when a project so ambitious has never been attempted.

Become a founding supporter and together we can change social media for ever.

"I'm very proud of everyone who has believed in this and I intend to use this momentum to impact the world.

What opportunity do we create?

Our aim is simply to create opportunity for more  financial incentives to be distributed to normal internet users. We're passionate about creative outlets and customisation and reward.  If you exchange time for money then you have an opportunity to create more income through our platform. 

What will your money achieve?
Your support will help Shel-a become a fully-fledged organisation, with the resources we need to secure further funding from the right investors.  So far we've achieved a lot with just a Twitter account

Now we want to lay the foundations for real success. You can become a founding supporter of a movement that you and your children will benefit from.

£35, 000 will provide:

The prototype that will help us explain the potential which shela can produce. We will have a working model of shela which we can use to champion the project.

Running costs, such as website and supporter emails, for 
Advertising research and data for one year at a cost of £4,000

Set up Shel-a Interest Group in several communities to create momentum  pitch to right investors costing £6000

Supporter materials, such as t-shirts logo, and information packs.  Your support will also help us to produce impactful videos, buy data and research to back up the campaign and secure online and offline advertising to give the campaign serious impact.

£15000 will provide: 

A functioning prototype

Video series with professional producer £5,000
Targeted online advertising and  online presence and exposure  £5000.

Every penny raised will be spent on achieving our goals.

Our parent company Jediged. Com is a registered company and will share updates on how the money is spent with our all supporters.

"Be a part of this and help shape the world around us."