Help mend our broken democracy!

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Help mend our broken democracy!
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GrahamWroe 18th September 2018

It's time for the Council to start listening and responding to the people of Sheffield. We wont be taken for granted any longer. Let's start by removing the "Strong Leader"model and replacing the system with a much more democratic committee structure involving all the councillors.

Nicky 18th September 2018

I’ve donated to this crowdfunder and signed this petition as I love Sheffield and want what’s best for all of us. Having all our 84 elected councillors views being heard and valued in committee style decision making will help ensure that happens in future. The current ‘strong leader’ model is not working - just one person, backed by just 9 other people, decide everything on behalf of over half a million people. We vote for councillors to be our voice - we should be heard. It’s my city, it’s your city - It’s Our City!

Paul Blythen 17th September 2018

I'm fed up of the way Sheffield is being run. We need to move away from the ‘strong leadership’ model which places power and all key decision-making in the hands of a few - the Leader and Cabinet. This is only 10 councillors making all the big decisions, out of the 84 voted in by Sheffield voters - and a city with a population of over half a million! I want something that is a better fit for a city with a proud community and collective history. I want a committee system fit for the 21st century that involves all our elected representatives – the 84 elected councillors the people of Sheffield vote for - in a meaningful way. I want decision-making systems explicitly designed to be more inclusive, collaborative, transparent and accountable, to serve us better, and at a time of austerity.

Ruth Hubbard 27th August 2018

It’s ONLY communities who can compel this change under the Localism Act. Communities all across Sheffield keep coming up against the same problems again and again - a lack of transparency, openness, consultation, collaboration and partnership. Decisions behind closed doors, power in the hands of a few, high-handed authoritarianism, low levels of competence - these don’t work for Sheffielders, and our proud community and collective history. Communities have the right - and the responsibility - to change this.

act1 27th August 2018

This It's Our City initiative is to be celebrated because what's driving it is an ambition to create a system of local governance that's responsive to community wishes and needs, it's above party politics, it's noble in its aims. It's about fairness and inclusivity, striving for a genuinely representative democracy. Support this movement, and be a part of the change which will focus on collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of all residents in Sheffield.

nickyleaf 25th August 2018

Appears democratic 28 wards x 3 councillors= 84 councillors. But power is concentrated in ten Cabinet members, unevenly spread. Darnall x2, Park & Arbourthorne x2, Gleadless x2, Burngreave, Southey, Walkley, Nether Edge & Sharrow. It is not working.

Pennie Raven 25th August 2018

Good luck. This referendum is important - as will be any changes as a result. I hope Sheffield City Council decide to adopt this without a referendum.

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