Help us change the way our city is run

by It's Our City! in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Help us change the way our city is run
We did it
On 9th May 2019 we successfully raised £1,033 with 36 supporters in 28 days

We are trying to make make our city council more open, democratic and accessible by moving it to a modernised version of a committee system.

by It's Our City! in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom


Since launching Sheffield People’s Petition in August 2018, It’s Our City! has been gradually increasing our activities to get signatures. As well as our online campaigning, we have held public meetings, and our wonderful supporters have run regular street stalls, delivered thousands of leaflets and attended many community events.

Recently a number of local groups have also been set up to run activities in their local areas - delivering leaflets, running street stalls etc., which has produced a boost in the number of signatures. We now have around half the required 20,092 signatures required to make the petition legally binding. We have until August 2019 to collect signatures for the petition.

Now that the lighter evenings are coming, we have the chance to further increase all of these activities, as we get into the ‘home straight’ of achieving the required number of signatures. To maximise the effect of these local groups, and increase our activities online, we are running this crowdfunder so we can create more materials and events to reach out across Sheffield and tell everyone how the current undemocratic system can be improved for the good of the whole city.

Your contribution is more than a donation – it’s joining with other citizens in restoring democracy to Sheffield Council and building a stronger city together.

It’s Our City! is made up of citizens from across Sheffield. We are independent from all political parties, so we rely on support from individuals like yourself for everything we do.

All donations will go directly towards publicity, events, and activities to spread the word about Sheffield People’s Petition to the citizens of Sheffield

The petition is a one-off opportunity to make a lasting change for the better to the way Sheffield is run. Please give generously if you are able. We are most grateful for your support.


The way that Sheffield Council makes decisions is very undemocratic (whether it has run by the LibDems or Labour). Just 9 out of the 84 councillors have the power to make decisions for the council. 75 of the councillors that you elect, actually have little or no power to make decisions (that’s 89% of them!).

The current system is undemocratic but also very divisive. Much of council time is wasted by the political parties fighting each other instead of our councillors doing the job you have elected them to do - work together to do the best for our city. It’s no wonder that this bad system has led to decisions that are baffling to Sheffield voters and bad for the city as a whole, and that Sheffield has become weaker than other cities as a result.

Amazingly, the 2011 Localism Act gives voters in Sheffield the legal power to force the Council to change the way it makes decisions! Sheffield People’s Petition will force the council to start the move to a modern way of making decisions, where all councillors have power to represent you properly, and also where communities and citizens feel that they have a real say in decisions that affect them.

By uniting the whole city, a modern decision-making system will make Sheffield a much stronger city, better able to combat the terrible effects of austerity. Other councils have already made this change and have shown how a new system, where everyone works together and feels empowered, can bring great benefits.

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