Help mend our broken democracy!

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Help mend our broken democracy!
We did it
On 22nd September 2018 we successfully raised £1,447 with 59 supporters in 28 days

Bring people together to exchange ideas & expertise. Generate & develop the community conversation about local democracy.

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Sheffield People’s Petition launches on 25th August 2018 – the start of the process to legally compel a city-wide referendum.  Communities are working to change the way our city is run! 

So far, It’s Our City! have funded our work ourselves, on a shoe string. NOW WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!

For this major campaign we initially need £2000 – for venue hire across the city for public and community meetings, other events and workshops; and for materials – leaflets, posters, banners, a (mobile) stall. All funds collected via this Crowdfunder will be utilised to support this major campaign to transform our local democracy.

The money will support the central thrust of the campaign – reaching out across Sheffield and its diverse communities. It will help to bring people together to exchange information, expertise, ideas and experiences. It will further generate and develop the community conversation about what people in Sheffield want from a new governance system – that works for our city. It will strengthen our community voices.

The background

Communities in Sheffield are working together to salvage, and to revive, our local democracy.

Under the Localism Act 2011, if 5% of the Sheffield electorate i.e. 20,956 residents on the electoral roll sign a petition, this compels our City Council to hold a city-wide referendum on a change of governance.

We want to move away from the ‘strong leadership’ model which places power and all key decision-making in the hands of a few - the Leader and Cabinet. This is only 10 councillors making all the big decisions, out of the 84 voted in by Sheffield voters - and a city with a population of over half a million!

We want something that is a better fit for a city with a proud community and collective history. We want a committee system fit for the 21st century that involves all our elected representatives – the 84 elected councillors the people of Sheffield vote for - in a meaningful way. We want decision-making systems explicitly designed to be more inclusive, collaborative, transparent and accountable, to serve us better, and at a time of austerity.

At our press conference (28th June 2018) we set out our reasons for seeking change in more detail. Many communities and organisations have, likewise, expressed deep dissatisfaction with the ‘strong leader’ model in Sheffield and how it does not work for our city.

This is a major campaign. 

Sheffield is the first city in the country where communities have decided to work together to exercise their change of governance rights under the Localism Act 2011.

The campaign is being coordinated by It’s Our City! – a non-party political, community-led network working for a vibrant local democracy and for the well-being of our diverse communities in Sheffield. Read more about It’s Our City! here.

Please support this campaign and help to inspire other communities who are finding they have little say in how they are governed.

EVERY DONATION, no matter how small will be gratefully received.

Together we can fix our broken democracy. IT'S OUR CITY! We deserve a proper say in how it's run!

Funds will be held and administered by members of It's Our City! Coordinating Group.

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